Beware of mortgage forbearance consequences

COVID-19 has affected Georgians in many different ways. As businesses and governments shifted into shutdown, many started to wonder how they were going to pay their bills, rent and mortgages. As more and more segments of the economy shut down jobs were lost at record levels, people panicked and the federal government stepped in to the rescue with the CARES Act.

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So you’re voting – but for what again?

As InsiderAdvantage reported on Monday, early voting has started for this year’s primary. There are some COVID-19 peculiarities around voting rules, fewer polling places, strict social distancing guidelines etc. But once you get in that “booth,” what happens then?

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Early voting gets underway today across Georgia

Early voting for Georgia’s June 9 Primary gets underway today and voters will face strict social distance guidelines at the polls. There will also be fewer polling places open through the three-week early voting period which runs through Friday, June 5.

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Social Distancing and the Broadband Divide

The issues plaguing rural Georgia’s broadband connectivity have simmered with increasing intensity over the last several years. However, that simmer has come to a rolling boil in the wake of the global pandemic, which has forced schools and some businesses to temporarily abandon their physical settings as they observe social distancing. After all, drastically limiting human contact is one of the only ways to curb the tide of the outbreak.

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Georgia man charged in mask scam

A Georgia resident has been arrested for his role in a scheme to sell more than $300 million worth of N-95 face masks to a foreign government.  One problem?  The masks did not exist.  The Secret Service stepped in just before the deal – which saw a purchase of 50 million (imaginary) masks going for more than 500% the average asking price – could be completed.  Georgia resident Paul Penn, who orchestrated the scheme, is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia.  DA Bobby Christine called the act “reprehensible,” and Penn, who faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, is certainly SINKING…

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