Georgia Labor Commissioner fires back at Democratic critics

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler fired back at a Georgia House Democratic Caucus subcommittee Monday after they sent out press releases announcing that they had submitted a letter to Congress calling for an investigation of the Georgia Department of Labor’s (GDOL) Unemployment Insurance (UI) payment processes.

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In-person early voting begins today for November 3 General Election

Early in-person voting gets underway today for the November 3 General Election and Georgians will have a lot of choices this year as they elect the President of the United States, two U.S. Senators, and decide on many Congressional seats, their local state Senate and Representatives seats, Constitutional Amendments, a statewide Referendum and two Public Service Commissioners.

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Can the GOP hold Georgia’s 7th Congressional District?

It’s no secret that Democrats are looking to pick up seats in the U.S. House and expand their majority. What many may not know is that Georgia is home to one of the top two districts predicted by many to flip in the 2019 election. According to many pundits, Georgia’s 7th District and Texas’ 23rd District are both vulnerable.

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A new website on immigration-related news

Many Georgians don’t realize that the Peach State, according to the Department of Homeland Security, has more illegal immigrants located here than the border state of Arizona. In fact all 50 states, due to lax border control over the past 30 years, have significant numbers of illegals.

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Battle lines drawn as GOP looks to unseat House Minority Leader

Republicans have set their sights on a Luthersville-based seat and are aiming for Democratic House Minority Leader Bob Trammell. Trammell won the District 132 seat in the 2014 election and assumed office for the first time on January 12, 2015. In 2017, he was elected Democratic Leader by the Georgia House Democratic Caucus.

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Mining plan in South Georgia responsible, environmentally sound

With a decision forthcoming from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a proposed mining project in South Georgia, an August 25 InsiderAdvantage article by Baker Owens discussing concerns of conservation groups requires some context. With apologies to the late, great Paul Harvey, I offer the “rest of the story.”

The 2020 Census. Just Do It.

When Nike launched its “Just Do It” campaign in 1988, no one had any idea what would become of such a simple phrase. In just 10 years, the company’s worldwide sales skyrocketed from $800-million to over $9-billion, annually. Three words was all it took to make the difference of a lifetime.

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Something stinks in DeKalb

In 2011 DeKalb County was placed under a federal consent decree to fix up its troubled sewer system.  Fast forward to June, the original deadline, and the job is very much not yet done.  In fact the county saw more than 30 sewage spills this month alone, totaling more than seven million gallons of sewage.  Gross, right?  Now the county is pushing for a revised consent plan that would add an additional 7.5 years to fix its issues, which are a danger to DeKalb nature and residents alike.  The updated agreement would also come with up to $1 million in fees and fines.  County officials have blamed the lack of progress on previous administrations, but from afar it looks like DeKalb’s sewage issues have the county SINKING…

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The Georgia Gang - October 18, 2020

The Georgia Gang - October 11, 2020

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