The Rest of the SK Battery Plant Story 

Georgians may not know the full story regarding the successful effort to keep the SK Innovation battery plant in Commerce operational. The resulting legal settlement to ensure that happened was an effort that put the people of Georgia above partisan politics. 

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Kathy Inman— Victim of Illegal Immigration Needs Help 

Billy Inman, a 55-year-old Woodstock man who was a voice of conscience after his son was killed by an illegal alien in a 2000 car crash, died two years ago of a heart attack. It was on June 16, 2000 when Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez slammed into the stopped vehicle of Billy and Kathy Inman and their 16-year-old son Dustin at a traffic light in Ellijay. 

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Social Justice Requires Death for the Spa Killer 

The media, regressive left and establishment right have provided a haunting object lesson when it comes to the tragedy of the Atlanta spa murders. Their refusal to call for the death penalty for these deranged homicides confirms the hollowness of their feigned outrage, the cynicism of their concocted concern and the emptiness of their “woke” protestations. 

What Defines Professional Sports Now? Race

While age may have slowed Jesse Jackson’s political activities (he is nearly 80 years old), the strategy he launched in the early 1980s of using race as a lever to pressure corporations into donating money to causes he championed lives on, with renewed vigor in today’s hyper-partisan political environment. Truly, no sporting event or business is safe from becoming a racial football.

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Cicada Swarm Draws Near

If you don’t like bugs you may want to plan on staying inside next month.  A synchronized emergence of 17-year cicadas is set to hatch in early May across much of the South – including North Georgia.  The Great Eastern Brood, also ominously known as ‘Brood X,’ has spent the past 17 years underground in their ‘nymph’ stage, feeding on roots, and are currently preparing to emerge and mate before dying off after just one month.  That month will be noisy, and if you don’t like bugs, maybe a little gross.  If you’re not as squeamish you can sign up to help record cicada info. using the Cicada Safari app, which will help scientists collect data on this interesting phenomenon.  For North Georgia bug watchers and inquisitive minds this Summer will be RISING…

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