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Georgia Should Be on GOP Minds When Questioning Mueller

Congress should replay Georgia’s old sweet song before questioning Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s credentials instead of his politics at his upcoming hearing. Down many roads these hearings will lead, yet they all lead back to whether Mueller was even qualified to lead the investigation in the first place. Luckily, my fellow Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School alumnus and U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga.– uniquely positioned to question Mueller– may well see the moonlight through the pines.

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Commissioner sacked for lying

Department of Juvenile Justice Commissioner Avery Niles, who has already served seven years, was fired on Wednesday by his oversight board– a move affirmed by Gov. Brian Kemp. Niles lost his job after it was discovered that he lied under oath about receiving an associates degree in criminal justice. Indeed, lying about one’s qualifications, or lack thereof, is obviously dishonest– and a betrayal of the public he’s supposed to serve. Why wasn’t there better vetting of him in 2012? Anyhow, the Niles’ boat has SUNK…

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