Bipartisan push for workforce development

The Senate Higher Education Committee is considering proposed legislation that would create a joint study committee that would focus on strengthening Georgia’s future workforce. House Resolution 154 was presented to the committee Monday morning by Sen. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) but has bipartisan support with 40 Republican and Democrat co-signers.

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The latest Georgia COVID-19 vaccine information 

The Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard yesterday reported 2,048,591 total vaccine doses administered statewide, accounting for 82.57 percent of the state’s received allocation. That means Georgia administered one million vaccines in just twenty five days. 

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Legislature moves forward on elections bills

Only days after an elections reform bill sponsored by Senate Pro Tem Butch Miller (R-Gainesville) that would create a Chief Elections Assistance Officer passed the Senate, members of the Senate Ethics committee will get their first look at an omnibus elections reform bill sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan (R-Carrollton). 

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Gun rights reciprocity bill passes the state House 

The state House of Representatives yesterday passed House Bill 218 which expands the ability of citizens to defend themselves and their families, both within Georgia and in other states, while ensuring Second Amendment rights remain protected during emergencies.  

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SCV Fights Back On Confederate Monument Removals 

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is fighting what it calls “an unprecedented assault” on Rebel monuments and memorials. Interestingly, its efforts are based on the Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 50-3-1 or the Monument Protection Act, which it seeks to further strengthen.

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Watch March’s first Georgia Gang!

The Feb. 28th show opens with Republican and Democrat panelists clashing over GOP-led election reform legislation, especially photo ID requirements for absentee ballots, limits on absentee ballot drop boxes and reduced Sunday voting.

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SK Battery Plant Puts Georgia In Driver’s Seat for Green Energy Jobs

Our mission is straightforward – to be for the people of Georgia, our economy, our workforce and our state’s role in growing new technology manufacturing here in the U.S. We welcome companies’ investments and the jobs they bring. To all innovators who are thinking about where to headquarter your good ideas, Georgia is a friendly place to do business. That’s what sets Georgia apart.

The Need for Election Reform

Over the past two decades I’ve had the opportunity to be engaged in public policy, both in the public and private sector, and witnessed many changes in our society. Perhaps no greater change has occurred than the slow – but constant – erosion of the meaning and intent of the words and phrases that uphold the foundational institutions of our nation.

In-state tuition bill for illegal aliens: a negative review  

State Rep. Kasey Carpenter, R-Dalton, presented the latest version of his legislation granting in-state college tuition for illegal aliens in the House Higher Education Committee last Friday. He was on Zoom from his car parked “on the side of the road” somewhere between the Gold Dome and Oklahoma. He was retrieving flour for one of his restaurants.   

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House passes elections reform bill

The Georgia House of Representatives Monday passed the hotly contested elections reform bill that would require ID for absentee voting and regulate drop boxes, among other changes.  The 97-72 vote fell along party lines following intense debate, with Democrats strongly opposing what they deemed an attempt at “voter suppression” and Republicans, including bill sponsor Rep. Barry Fleming (R-Harlem), saying it is needed to “restore confidence in our voting system.”  The bill now heads to the Senate well ahead of Crossover Day, where debate will surely continue, (the Senate is also pondering several elections bills of its own).  A long way to go yet in the session, but for Republicans pushing for elections reform this legislation passing the House has their hopes RISING…

Floating Boats

The Georgia Gang - February 28, 2021

The Georgia Gang - February 21, 2021

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