Beach ends campaign for Congress

Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta) believes he still has a lot of work to do in the Senate for the state and the constituents of District 21. That, he says, was the deciding factor in his decision Thursday to end his campaign for the U.S. Congress.

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Former Veteran Pollster Explains Latest UGA Poll

Many pollsters in recent years have lamented the fact that polling is becoming increasingly difficult. Former veteran pollster Matt Towery, a co-founder of InsiderAdvantage Georgia, is in full agreement– especially after examining the latest University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs poll that finds former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump in a potential 2020 presidential election match-up.

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Homelessness: Where does Georgia rank?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development delivers an annual estimate to Congress of homeless people in the country. And based on the latest estimates from the federal government, there were 552,830 people experiencing homelessness across the United States in January 2018.

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Protect Vulnerable Children From Experimentation

“I was transgender.  Until I wasn’t.”  Those are the words of Stephen, a  19-year old college sophomore and lacrosse player. Six years earlier, at age 14, Stephen was feeling very uncomfortable in his own body.  “I was depressed a lot,” he said, “and my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.  I used to tell my mom I wanted to die.  I hated everyone.”

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Atlanta City Council President Pushes for Transparency

Transparency has long been a topic of great concern at Atlanta City Hall, and one key figure there wants to address it.  City Council President Felicia Moore this week called for the establishment of an Inspector General’s Office which would oversee and hold accountable city employees and elected officials.  The Kasim Reed administration was rife with corruption, some of which seems to have spilled over into Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ tenure, but Moore working hard to increase transparency and accountability has her ship RISING…

The Georgia Gang - November 17, 2019

The Georgia Gang - November 10, 2019

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