Republican primary ballot includes eight non-binding questions

Voters in the 2022 Georgia Republican Primary will do more than vote for the candidate of their choice. They will also answer eight advisory non-binding questions. The advisory questions give voters a chance to express their general opinion on different issues and allow political party leaders to gauge priorities among their voters.

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Concerns for Atlanta spending package?

In 2016 the City of Atlanta had little trouble getting a four-tenths special purpose local option sales tax for transportation (TSPLOST) passed, which raised some $300 million over a five-year period for transportation projects.  This year new Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens is asking for voters to extend that measure, and then some, with three ballot questions on next Tuesday’s ballot that would approve packages totaling some $750 million.

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GOP primary vote continues to top Dem vote 

Georgia continues to finish early primary voting this week with heavier numbers than at this time in 2018. Log on to the non-partisan website to view statewide vote totals. So far in the 2022 primary 539,297 people have voted. At this point in the 2018 primary, that number was 182,684.  

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Breaking: Sarah Palin to appear at Perdue rally

With Gov. Brian Kemp bringing in outside heavy-hitters including former Vice President Mike Pence and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to support him for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, opponent David Perdue has countered by having 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorse him at a Friday event in Savannah.

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Fact-checking the AJC; Perdue, Kemp have busy schedules 

Yesterday’s political column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called “The Jolt” had a blaring headline: “Where in the world is David Perdue?”  The writers – Greg Bluestein, Tia Mitchell and Patricia Murphy– wrote “ With just a week until the May 24 primary, (GOP gubernatorial candidate) Perdue is largely staying out of sight in the final stretch of his longshot bid to force Gov. Brian Kemp into a runoff.”

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Walker: Promote a federal anti-gang prosecution law 

Citizens expect that Georgia’s U.S. Senate candidates will confront the public safety and criminal justice reform issues. That because Georgia has been constantly wracked by rising gang-violence since 2020— and now Atlanta ranks 3rd highest in murder rates nationally.  

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Shocking string of deaths in Cobb jails

A Cobb County jail inmate died Thursday morning after committing suicide despite being on suicide watch and being checked by deputies every 15 minutes according to jail officials. This marks the third death in the jail this year all since May 3, and the sixth death since Sheriff Craig Owens took office in January 2021 after the issue of inmate deaths played a big part in him defeating former Sheriff Neil Warren.  The concerning trend has Owens SINKING…

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