South Carolina Topline Numbers

InsiderAdvantage Survey GOP South Carolina Primary: Trump 60%, Haley 38%

An InsiderAdvantage survey of 800 likely voters in South Carolina’s upcoming Republican Primary, conducted Feb 14-15, shows Donald Trump with a substantial lead over Nikki Haley. The poll has a Margin of Error of 3.92%. NOTE: South Carolina requires that candidates who file to run must withdraw by January 2, 2024 or their names will […]

New Hampshire Topline Tabs

Here are the topline numbers for our South Carolina survey.

InsiderAdvantage New Hampshire GOP Primary Post-DeSantis Poll: Trump Leads Haley 62%-35%; Undeclared Voters Apparently Not A Major Factor

A Sunday InsiderAdvantage poll of 850 likely voters in the New Hampshire GOP primary, conducted after Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the suspension of his campaign for the Republican nomination for president and endorsement of Donald Trump, shows former President Trump leading former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by a substantial margin. The poll conducted January […]

InsiderAdvantage Iowa GOP Poll: Post-Christie Withdrawal Survey Shows Trump’s Lead Holds; DeSantis and Haley Tied

An InsiderAdvantage survey of 850 likely voters in the Iowa Republican Caucus contest conducted January 11 shows Donald Trump holding a substantial lead over his opponents, with Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley tied for second place. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.32% and has a 95% confidence level. This […]

Topline Numbers for InsiderAdvantage Jan 11 Iowa Survey

Towery Joins Sean Hannity on His Inaugural Florida-Based Radio Broadcast

Listen to Matt Towery and Robert Cahaly discuss the Iowa Caucus on Sean Hannity’s first broadcast from his new home base, Florida!:

IA’s Towery On FOX’S Laura Ingraham Show Explains Where the GOP Presidential Race Stands

InsiderAdvantage Chairman appeared on the Laura Ingraham’s The Ingraham Angle with guest host Will Cain Friday, January 5th. Here is the link to watch:

InsiderAdvantage Iowa GOP Caucus Survey: Trump 49%; DeSantis and Haley Tied with 17% Each; Trump Leads Evangelical Vote

The latest InsiderAdvantage survey of Iowa shows Donald Trump leading by a significant margin among likely caucus participants. The poll, utilizing cell/texts, surveyed 850 likely voters and was conducted December 18-19. It is weighted for age, race and gender. The margin of error is 4.36%, with a 95% confidence level. The results are: Donald Trump: […]

Topline Tabs: InsiderAdvantage Iowa GOP Caucus Survey December

New IA Poll: Trump Leads By 35% Following Debate; DeSantis and Haley Statistically Tied for Second in GOP Presidential Contest

The latest InsiderAdvantage national survey of 850 likely voters in GOP caucuses/primaries shows Donald Trump rising to fifty-percent among respondents, with Nikki Haley now tied with Ron DeSantis for second place. No other candidate was in double digits in the survey, which was conducted September 29-30. The poll had a margin of error of 3.36% […]

AI on IA Update Eight: Trump Dominates Social Media Above the Debaters Throughout Debate

AI on IA Update Seven: Most Social Media Activity After First Hour of Debate Goes to DeSantis, Followed by Ramaswamy; Haley and Burgum Have Lowest So Far

AI on IA Update Six: China Leads as Top Topic of GOP Debate in Social Media Posts

AI on IA Update Five: Vivek Ramaswamy Starts to Edge Out Others in Social Media Activity

AI on IA Update Four: DeSantis Grabs the Most Social Media Attention During Spat Among Candidates

AI on IA Update Three: DeSantis Enjoys Largest Spike on Social Media of the Group Thus Far as of 9:17 PM

AI on IA Update Two: Scott Captures Early Lead in Social Media Posts

AI on IA First Debate Update: IA/AI Indicates Social Media Conversation for Second Debate Substantially Below Last Debate at Early Stage

Early social median numbers appear to be lagging that of the similar introductory segment of the first GOP contest. Updates coming…

AI on IA: We Analyze Massive Amounts of Social Media to Tell You Who is the Talk of the Debate

InsiderAdvantage is ready again to use AI on IA to provide analysis of social media from around the nation to give our readers an idea of who is attracting attention, and who is not during tonight’s debate from the Reagan Library. The pre-debate analysis showed Donald Trump dominating all social media posts, but among those […]

AI on IA: Pre-Debate Update; DeSantis Dominates Pre-Debate Social Media (of those participating in the debate)

Towery Discusses NH Poll on Ingraham Angle; Top-line Tabs of NH Poll Out

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery discussed the latest IA poll of New Hampshire Republicans and other topics on Fox News Channel’s Ingraham Angle Thursday evening. CLICK HERE to watch the segment. And…the top-line numbers to the latest IA survey are out:

InsiderAdvantage Survey NH GOP Primary: Trump Leads by 28 Points; Haley and Christie in Low Double Digits; Towery to Appear on Fox News Ingraham Angle Tonight (Tabs this Evening).

An InsiderAdvantage survey of 850 likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire shows Donald Trump with a large lead over his next closest contender, Nikki Haley. The poll, conducted September 20, has a margin of error of 3.36% and is weighted for age, race, and gender. The Results: Donald Trump: 42% Nikki Haley: 14% Chris […]

InsiderAdvantageAI Real Time Analysis of Huge Amounts of Social Media Data Proved Predictive of Post-Debate Poll Results

(NOTE: The above chart is the “AI on IA” summary of post-debate social media for the early portion of the immediate day after the GOP presidential debate. Search past posts to examine other examples of AI on IA). Those who followed InsiderAdvantageAI and the real time data posts we served up during Wednesday’s GOP presidential […]

Cross tabs to IA Poll and Who Won the Wednesday Debate: Ramaswamy Wins Debate but not the War; Debate Results Fall in Line With InsiderAdvantageAI Results from Wednesday Night

InsiderAdvantage Post-Debate National Republican Presidential Poll: Trump Leads at 45 Percent; DeSantis Takes Solid 18% Second Place; Haley Rockets to Third in Survey

An InsiderAdvantage national survey of 850 likely Republican caucus and primary voters, conducted August 24 with a Margin of Error of 3.36% shows Trump still leading the race with only three significant challengers. Those are Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy. The results: Donald Trump: 45% Ron DeSantis: 18% Haley:11% Vivek Ramaswamy: 7% Chris […]

InsiderAdvantageAI Post-Debate Report; Coming Later…New InsiderAdvantage National Survey of the GOP Presidential Race and Debate Performances

InsiderAdvantage’s AI report from social media posts across the nation continued through Thursday. Our post debate analysis shows Donald Trump dominating all social media posts by almost a two-to-one margin following Wednesday night’s debate. For example, all ten top retweets on X (formerly Twitter) belonged to Trump’s competing program hosted by Tucker Carlson. As of […]

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Summary Debate Results: Ramaswamy Leads in Social Media Data with DeSantis in Second; Haley Enjoys Moment on Foreign Policy Challenge to Ramaswamy; Trump Receives Huge Online Attention; Others Lag

InsiderAdvantageAI shows (see updates one through eight) Vivek Ramaswamy leading social media comments in the first GOP Presidential debate. IA/AI processed hundreds of thousands of social media posts and comments from across the nation. Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter) received huge social media attention as well. Ron DeSantis followed Ramaswamy […]

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI On IA) Update Eight: Top Debate Issues on Social Media–Foreign Policy, Taxes, and Abortion

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Update Seven: Social Media Indicates a Big Night for Ramaswamy as of 10:45 PM

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Update Six: Ramaswamy Continues to Dominate Debate Social Media

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA): Update Five: Trump Interview Dominating Social Media as of 10:00 PM

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Update Four: Ramaswamy and DeSantis Dominate Social Media as of 9:48 PM; Carlson Interview Leads on Twitter

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Update Three: Tucker Carlson Interview at 35.8 Million Views as of 9:17 PM; Ramaswamy Spikes Past Pence and DeSantis at 9:14 PM

InsiderAdvantage (AI on IA): Debate Update Two: Social Media Conversation Shifted with Debate Dominating Until Trump Interview Started, With Quick Zoom of Trump References

InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA): Debate Update One; Trump Averaging 10-1 ratio of mentions on social media.

InsiderAdvantageAI will be aggregating millions of social media posts and comments to determine trends related to the GOP Presidential Debate and Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter). Earlier today issues related to the border were dominating pre-debate social media. But the reported crash of the Wagner chief in Russia emerged as […]

Coming Tonight: InsiderAdvantage to Provide Debate Data Analysis Via New InsiderAdvantageAI Service; Latest InsiderAdvantage National Pre-Debate Poll; Towery to Name Winners and Losers on Sean Hannity National Radio Show Thursday


InsiderAdvantage Pre-Debate National GOP Survey, August 19-20 750 Likely Voters, MOE +/- 3.6%

InsiderAdvantage National Survey: Biden and Trump Tied Following Indictment this Week

A national survey of 850 likely voters conducted prior to and after the announcement of another indictment of former President Donald Trump, found Trump statistically tied with President Joe Biden. Biden was…

Latest Polling Plus Podcast Edition with Matt Towery & Robert Cahaly

Polling Plus Podcast: As the year winds down, who is on top of the polls? top as year winds down

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