InsiderAdvantageAI (AI on IA) Summary Debate Results: Ramaswamy Leads in Social Media Data with DeSantis in Second; Haley Enjoys Moment on Foreign Policy Challenge to Ramaswamy; Trump Receives Huge Online Attention; Others Lag

InsiderAdvantageAI shows (see updates one through eight) Vivek Ramaswamy leading social media comments in the first GOP Presidential debate. IA/AI processed hundreds of thousands of social media posts and comments from across the nation. Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter) received huge social media attention as well. Ron DeSantis followed Ramaswamy in social media comments. Nikki Haley received a bump in social media activity with her attack on Ramaswamy on his foreign policy experience. Tomorrow InsiderAdvantage will have post-debate social media data updates.

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