House Armed Services moves forward on Defense bill

Last week, the House Armed Services Committee – with Georgia Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA 8) as the lone Peach State member – passed the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The bill provides funding for the military and includes everything from radar systems to Covid-19 diagnostic equipment.

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Atlanta restaurant owner stands up to threats

Racial and political tensions remain high in Atlanta and the latest evidence is the fact that a longtime and well-known restaurant is being monitored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its company president Susan DeRose has been under police protection.

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Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation sails through Senate

Georgia’s commitment to fight human trafficking has already been getting attention nationwide, and the state continues to add tools to the toolbox. A bill introduced on behalf of Governor Brian Kemp and First Lady Marty Kemp to combat human trafficking across the state sailed through the Senate late last week by a 48-0 margin.

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Vote Derails Cut to APD; An Ex-Cop Hits the AJC

It was a close Atlanta City Council vote Saturday on the Atlanta Police Department’s fiscal year 2021 budget in the wake of recent looting, riots and the Wendy’s police officer shooting of a black man who resisted arrest and tried to escape.

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Georgia seeks waivers for testing; streamlines teacher certifications

Gov. Brian Kemp joined with State education leaders Thursday to make several announcements regarding testing and teacher certifications, including the removal of the edTPA assessment as a requirement for the certification of educators in Georgia and the removal of the second of two required ethics assessments. Officials said the removal of these two assessments cuts the certification cost for Georgia teachers by nearly half, easing barriers for many in the midst of the fight with COVID-19.

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AJC Column is ‘Race-Based, Groundless Rhetoric’

Does anyone share my disappointment in the decline of our newspaper of record, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution? I vehemently object to the Gracie Bonds Staples opinion printed on June 22 titled “When police can’t see a man’s humanity, things can’t help but turn bad.”

Combatting the Rising Problem of Elder Abuse

The North Georgia Elder Abuse Task Force Foundation seeks to combat abuse of senior citizens through our coordinating, training and educational meetings with law enforcement, regulators, affected businesses and public organizations. We further seek to address the financial, physical, emotional, sexual and institutional abuses of seniors.

Protecting Trade Secrets; Georgia a Victim

“The Defend Trade Secrets Act would create a uniform federal standard for trade secret misappropriation, consistent with remedies available for other intellectual property like patents, copyrights, and trademarks, while preserving states’ ability to act in state law claims.

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Fulton Co. DA Howard in more legal trouble

Sensing he could lose the Democratic nomination in order to run for re-election as Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard decided to whip up anti-police voter sentiment by criminally charging two police officers involved in a fatal shooting. Yet he didn’t bother waiting for a still-not-completed Georgia Bureau of Investigation report of the incident. And now the GBI is conducting another probe— of Howard! This involves his issuance of grand jury subpoenas related to the shooting, even though no grand jury is impaneled. And get this: The subpoenas have become part of an ongoing GBI criminal probe of “salary supplements” Howard gave to himself as the head of two “charitable” groups. As he faces candidate Fani Willis in an Aug. 11 runoff election, Howard’s boat is SINKING…

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