A Post-Debate Georgia Political Notebook

The Georgia and national media will be analyzing yesterday’s Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, and rightly so. The 10 candidates made their pitches and the ups-and-downs of their candidacies will continue for awhile. But as January 2020 dawns, the field should be somewhat diminished.

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Protect Vulnerable Children From Experimentation

“I was transgender.  Until I wasn’t.”  Those are the words of Stephen, a  19-year old college sophomore and lacrosse player. Six years earlier, at age 14, Stephen was feeling very uncomfortable in his own body.  “I was depressed a lot,” he said, “and my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.  I used to tell my mom I wanted to die.  I hated everyone.”

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Floating Boats

Supreme Court race flips

The announcement that Georgia Supreme Court Justice Robert Benham will retire in March instead of seeing out his term has turned the race to replace him on his head, as Gov. Brian Kemp will now appoint his replacement, who will serve until 2022.  Court of Appeals Judge Sara Doyle, former lawmakers Beth Beskin and John Barrow, and Superior Court Judge Horace Johnson had already kicked off campaigns for Benham’s seat, campaigns that with this latest twist are now left DRIFTING…

The Georgia Gang - December 1, 2019

The Georgia Gang - November 24, 2019

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