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Winning the Race to 5G

Ever since Ted Turner established Turner Broadcasting in 1965, Georgia has been a leader in telecommunications. Born in Arizona, I grew up a fan of Chipper Jones, Andres Galarraga and Greg Maddux because the Atlanta Braves were one of the only teams I could watch on a regular basis. And while the Diamondbacks came to town in 1998, you never forget your first love.

Three Reasons Why Medicaid Expansion Is Bad for Georgia

Georgia is a wonderful place to call home, but like many other states it’s desperately lacking in a key area: affordable healthcare. Expanding Medicaid is a popular idea to extend health insurance to more low-income Georgians, but there are three good reasons why it would be a bad step for the Peach State.

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Abrams for VP?

Despite a loss last November, few political stars have burned brighter than Stacey Abrams’ in recent years.  Could that star now be headed for Washington?  Rumors are flying that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden could name Abrams as his own VP nominee early on in the primary, hoping to secure her many supporters and propel himself above the crowded field.  Such a move would not allow her to run against Sen. David Perdue though – but Biden does lead nearly all of the (very early) primary polling.  Whether she accepts or not, even more national consideration for Abrams has her ship RISING…

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