Beware of mortgage forbearance consequences

COVID-19 has affected Georgians in many different ways. As businesses and governments shifted into shutdown, many started to wonder how they were going to pay their bills, rent and mortgages. As more and more segments of the economy shut down jobs were lost at record levels, people panicked and the federal government stepped in to the rescue with the CARES Act.

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Ralston backs hate crime bill; Senate balks

On the heels of the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery in coastal Georgia, a group of Georgia lawmakers are pushing for the passage of a hate-crime bill. One of the biggest advocates is speaker of the House David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, but opposition is building in the state Senate.

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Don’t let public health misinformation lead to bad tax policy

The Georgia General Assembly’s chief fiscal economist warned last year that Georgia might face a recession in 2020. Boy was he right, but for the wrong reasons. No one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic or its effects in September of 2019. Nevertheless, as a result of it, experts believe that Georgia could face a $4 billion shortfall over the next 15 months.

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Deal leads prison reform group

One of the highlights of former Gov. Nathan Deal’s eight years in office was his focus on criminal justice reform, eventually resulting in a series of bills that drew praise from both sides of the aisle.  Much of that work was then used by President Donald Trump and his team in 2018 as the White House pushed its own prison reform legislation.  Now out of office, Deal is continuing his work, leading a team of experts that is submitting recommendations via the nonprofit Council on Criminal Justice.  Joined by former mayors, law enforcement officials, ex-prisoners, and even Sally Yates, the Georgia attorney who served as U.S. deputy attorney general under President Barack Obama, the group, with Deal at its helm, is leading the push for continued sensible criminal justice reform in Washington D.C.  RISING… 

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