Legislators continue to examine Atlanta crime wave

Georgia lawmakers continue to look for ways to address the startling crime rate in Atlanta. The House Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee, chaired by State Representative J. Collins (R-Villa Rica), held a town hall meeting late last week to hear from residents in downtown Atlanta on ways to address crime.

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Polls spell good news for Herschel Walker

It didn’t get much mainstream media attention, but the Atlanta-based Trafalgar Group released a survey of Georgia’s 2022 Republican U.S. Senate primary showing new entry and former UGA/NFL football star Herschel Walker with a huge lead over other candidates:

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The 9/11 Attack: Remembering horror & heroism

‘I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday’

–Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, “Me and Bobby McGee”

This haunting lyric, made famous by the legendary Janis Joplin, has been stuck in my brain as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

Have America’s Civilian And Military Leaders Lost The Will To Fight?

President Gerald Ford often was disparagingly and unfairly said to be “unable to walk and chew gum at the same time.” Recent comments by U.S. Army Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley responding to questions about the decision to evacuate Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan tells us that our nation’s leaders appear to have lost the will to take on more than one mission at the same time.

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Arrest in campaign sign clash

Campaign season can get testy – and that includes drama surrounding all those campaign signs in yards and on right of ways across the state.  Just ask Giancarlos Tsitsilianos, a man who was recently arrested following a fight that sprung out of him being accused of removing campaign signs for Tucker mayoral candidate Robin Biro.  Tsitsilianos, apparently a supporter of current Mayor Frank Auman, is alleged to have flashed a gun during the incident as well.  Classic municipal election campaign drama – and a reminder not to lose your head over $2 signs – has this Tucker resident SINKING…

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