Still digesting the 2021 legislative session 

Understandably, considering the ensuing uproar, much of the coverage of this year’s legislative session has focused on the election law reforms passed by the General Assembly. The Citizen’s Arrest law also got a widely praised update – following the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery.  

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Watch the April 11 Georgia Gang here!

Democrat guest panelist Bobby Kaple joins IAG CEO Phil Kent and Janelle King for the April 11th broadcast. It kicks off with a feisty debate over Major League Baseball being pressured to move the All Star Game from Georgia to Colorado because of opposition to Georgia’s new election reform law.

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Georgia Should Not Be Entangled with Bad-Faith Actors on Intellectual Property

In the quest to attract investment from foreign and domestic corporations, Georgia has become a home for Electric Vehicle-related manufacturing. In 2019, SK Innovation (SKI), an electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer and subsidiary of a South Korean global conglomerate, broke ground in the town of Commerce on a $1.67 billion manufacturing plant to produce batteries for Ford and Volkswagen, with a promise of creating 2,000 jobs.

The Mayor that Atlanta Needs

Tom Menino was Mayor of Boston for 21 years, from 1993 to 2014. Unlike most of his predecessors and successors, he didn’t want to use the office as a steppingstone to some higher office. All he wanted was to be mayor of Boston.

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Board of Regents freezes college tuition

For the second straight year, the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents has announced it will freeze tuition and fees for the next school year.  All 26 of the state’s public colleges and universities will see tuition stay at the current level, with the board pointing to financial hardships resulting from the COVID pandemic as the reason for the freeze.  Working to keep education affordable has been a goal for the USG, and being mindful of the economic stress facing many Georgians has students’ and parents’ ships RISING…

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The Georgia Gang - April 11, 2021

The Georgia Gang - April 4, 2021

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