Georgia leaders want to reform foster care system

Georgia’s foster care system should be a hot topic among state lawmakers during this session of the General Assembly that kicked off Monday morning.  Both Governor Brian Kemp and Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan have begun laying out their plans for revamping foster care in the state.

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Kemp unveils 2021 budget proposal

Gov. Brian Kemp unveiled a $28.1 billion budget proposal Thursday that would set a new record for state spending in fiscal 2021 despite the air of fiscal uncertainty surrounding this year’s General Assembly session.

Is a federal gang legislation constitutional?

On Jan. 10, in this space, attorney Bill Black proposed that our new U.S. senator, Kelly Loeffler, introduce national gang prosecution legislation in order to “message” conservatives that she is serious about fighting gang crimes. This is the sort of knee-jerk reaction we don’t need to problems that are best handled by state and local authorities.

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Rent control in Georgia?

The Atlanta City Council this week submitted a request to the state legislature asking them to repeal the state’s prohibition on rent controls.  Citing rising housing costs, the Atlanta officials hope that allowing for rent control might lead to more affordable housing within city limits.  However, 81% of economists agree that rent control is a bad policy, one that decreases stock of rental units, driving the average price up not down, and actually further fuels gentrification rather than limiting it.  With a legislature that figures to be very reluctant to institute such a policy, the bid for rent control in Atlanta is SINKING…

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