Reed, Wan didn’t like ex-chief’s Christian beliefs

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a front-page report on federal Judge Leigh May holding a Friday hearing on the lawsuit Cochran v. City of Atlanta involving the firing of former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran by Mayor Kasim Reed for writing a book on Christian faith. A headline read: “His book calls non-Christian gay men ‘naked.’”

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GA reps respond to GOP tax bill

On an almost strict party line vote, with only 13 Republicans crossing the line and voting no and not a single Democrat voting yes, House Republicans passed their tax reform bill on Thursday. There are a number of cuts across the board contained in the bill – notably slashing the corporate tax rate to 20%, down from 35%, ending the medical expenses deduction and student loan deductions.

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Tippins Officially Kicks Off Governor Campaign

It’s been a long time since a political newcomer advanced to the governor’s office in Georgia. In fact, the last governor to have not held previous office was Lester Maddox. It’s not a very common route. But as Clay Tippins said during his kick off on Wednesday, he’s faced “impossible situations” before and responded “why not?”.

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Watch Sunday’s Georgia Gang on YouTube!

On the November 19th edition of The Georgia Gang the panel discusses all the latest political news from around the Peach State, including the upcoming runoff elections, tax issues in Fulton County, and how a national tax bill could affect Georgians.  

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Fulton Candidate Waites: Serial Tax Deadbeat

I am a retired senior citizen living on a fixed income. I pay my Fulton County property taxes and am not eligible for any exemptions other than my homestead exemption. As a retiree, I have lots of time to do online research especially when I don’t like what I read in the AJC or hear on “The Georgia Gang” on WAGA-TV.

Red, Purple, & Blue: Democrats are Back on the Board

Though the Atlanta mayor’s race has sucked much of the electoral oxygen out of the room for the last few months, there were many other races on the ballot yesterday. All told, there were 400 seats up for grabs – most municipal, though a few for the Georgia Legislature. Going into yesterday, five of those eight legislative seats were held by Republicans.

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Georgia Democratic Party targets Norwood

In a move that has been criticized by many onlookers, the Georgia Democratic Party has made a major ad buy targeting Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood by linking her to President Donald Trump and calling her a Republican.  Norwood is a self proclaimed Independent candidate who has voted in nearly every recent Democratic primary as well as scoring more liberal than Keisha Lance Bottoms, her runoff foe, in terms of her voter scorecard on the city council.  For state Dems to take such a strong stance in a race where neither candidate is a Republican seems odd, and judging by how many voters have been turned off by the move their ship is DRIFTING… 

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