Kemp announces “Georgians First” transition committee

Georgia Governor-Elect Brian Kemp introduced his “Georgians First” transition committee Monday morning — a team that includes former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, current Public Service Commissioner Tricia Pridemore and prominent Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds.

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InsiderAdvantage/James Magazine Present “lnfluential Georgians” Awards

Atlanta’s Commerce Club was the venue yesterday evening for the annual InsiderAdvantage/James Magazine “2018 Influential Georgians” reception sponsored by the Atlanta law firm Hall Booth and Smith. Approximately 100 attendees– ranging from various state and local elected officials to prominent business, judicial and political leaders– were welcomed by InsiderAdvantage/James CEO and Publisher Phil Kent and Hall Booth Smith Managing Partner John Hall.

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Deal signs off on bills from special session

Georgia lawmakers met in special session last week, and walked away Saturday morning with a hurricane relief package, a tax credit for certain taxpayers within Southwest Georgia’s timber industry who incurred significant expenses due to Hurricane Michael and suspension of the collection of the state’s 4 percent sales and use tax on jet fuel through the end of FY 2019.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Abrams Seeks a Re-Vote

Lawyers for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams today announced an unprecedented legal challenge in the Georgia governor’s race that could up end up with the state’s conservative-leaning Supreme Court deciding whether to force another round of voting.

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Senate Takes Time to Honor Supreme Court Chief Justice Hines

Harris Hines was born in Atlanta during World War II and graduated from Emory University, where he also got his law degree. Governor Jimmy Carter appointed him to serve on the State Court of Cobb County in 1974 and he would also serve on the Cobb County Superior Court before an appointment to the Supreme Court in 1995 by Governor Zell Miller.

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Watch The Georgia Gang on YouTube!

The Nov. 18 broadcast opens with a video review of the governor’s race, certification by all counties of the win by Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams’ last-ditch lawsuit to overturn the result.

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Legislature votes to fund hurricane relief

On October 10, 2018, a category 3 hurricane moved across southwest Georgia, one of the most important areas of our state for agriculture and forestry. As we know, this storm devastated a part of our state in ways we have never seen before, and some have called it “the largest timber catastrophe in our nation’s history”.

NARK II is an unreliable snitch

Innocent Georgians are going to jail because of a faulty police field test. In fact, not long ago, Doraville police officers pulled over two Ghanaian newlyweds, Simon Cofie and Clarice Daku, because their license plate was obscured.

Georgia Libertarian Party – R.I.P.

As a Libertarian I find myself always confronted with a conundrum come election day: Should I vote for the Libertarian Party candidate who more closely aligns with my convictions or vote for the lesser of two evils– usually a Republican– who stands a chance of winning.

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Trammell re-elected as House Minority Leader

State Rep. Bob Trammell (D-Luthersville) won re-election as House Minority Leader on Monday over Stacey Abrams ally Rep. Carolyn Hugley (D-Columbus).  Trammell, (coincidentally one of James Magazine’s 2018 ‘Legislators of the Year’) has received high praise for his work as a party leader, helping get more new candidates involved and playing a key role in the midterm surge that saw the party flip an impressive 11 seats.  Georgia Democrats clearly feel confident in Trammell’s leadership, and why shouldn’t they?  Under his watch their fortunes are RISING…

The Georgia Gang - November 18, 2018

The Georgia Gang - November 11, 2018

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