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The Georgia Bar (Union)…(Assn.)? Part 2

Last week Insideradvantage reported that several members of the Georgia legislature are discussing ways to limit the dues collecting power of the Georgia Bar Association.  It seems that attorneys are happy paying dues that cover the real needs of the Bar but several ... read more

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Dixie’s competitive congressional contests

  The following story is from our sister site Lots of attention has been paid to the competitive US Senate races in the South, since the outcomes will determine which party controls the upper chamber for the next two years. But ... read more

InsiderAdvantage Forum Columns

Insider Advantage welcomes columns submitted by authors with an area of expertise concerning public policy and political issues that affect Georgians. They will be labeled as a “Forum” column to distinguish them from regular IA staff articles and updates. The Forum ... read more

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Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial Continues

The trial of a dozen Atlanta Public Schools teachers and administrators charged with conspiring to change scores on state standardized tests began this week.  Former Atlanta superintendent Beverly Hall, the alleged ‘ringleader’ of the scandal, is not present as she is hospitalized with stage IV breast cancer.  Certainly a ways to go, but the prosecution has already begun bringing out key witnesses, and for the defendants the ship is certainly DRIFTING… 


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