BREAKING NEWS — Casino Bill Being Reworked — Again

State Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, says the “destination resort” legislation he is pushing in the Senate is being reworked by changing its population stipulations to “two regional designations” to allow a casino operation. Beach and other lawmakers fear that stipulating resorts in areas narrowly defined by city or county population numbers could be deemed unconstitutional.

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Out-of-state wire transfer bill being blocked

HB 66, authored by state Rep. Jeff Jones, R-Brunswick, proposes that wire transfer companies collect a fully refundable fee on out-of-state wire transfers. The fee would be 100 percent reimbursable as a tax credit when an individual files their Georgia income tax. But the legislation’s real aim is to address wire transfers sent out of Georgia by individuals who try to hide their cash and thus foster a huge underground economy.

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You Know POTUS, SCOTUS And maybe FLOTUS – How About WOTUS?

In these times of “lol”s, “brb”s and “fwiw”s*, most everyone has come to learn the acronyms often used for the president, POTUS, and maybe some others but there may be one ‘OTUS’ you haven’t heard – WOTUS. And now Rep. Rick Allen (R- GA 12) wants to get rid of that one altogether.

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Senate Weighing the FAST Act to Streamline Business Creation

Early in this year’s legislative session, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, along with Senator Mike Dugan (R- 30 Carrollton), Chairman of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee, announced their sponsorship of Senate Bill 2 – the FAST Act. It’s less brevity-inclined title is “The FAST Act – Fairness, Accountability, Simplification, and Transparency – Empowering Our Small Businesses to Succeed.”

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Huge field emerges in 6th District race

Qualifying ended Wednesday in the race to replace former Congressman-now-Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, and what a field has lined up. A whopping 18 candidates shelled out the $5,220 for the opportunity to see their name on the ballot on April 18th, when the special election will dump everyone running from both parties into what promises to be a very divided vote.

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Atlanta’s Rising Murder Rate Poses Challenges

New Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields declared last Friday at her first press conference that she is committed “to clean up this violent crime.” She is referring to the fact that in 2016 Atlanta’s murder rate soared to be the deadliest in a decade. The city recorded 111 murders – and that number, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, is a 39 percent increase from when Mayor Kasim Reed took office in 2009.

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Aerospace giant invests in Georgia

Atlanta may get most of the headlines when it comes to adding jobs in Georgia, but other areas of the state are notching victories of their own on the employment front. The latest of these is Columbus, where aerospace company Pratt & Whitney recently announced its intention to add over 500 jobs at its plant near the city.

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The Johnson Amendment: What’s the Big Deal?

Until President Donald Trump pledged to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment, most Americans (except a few well-informed church leaders and tax lawyers) had no idea what he was talking about. After all, the law has apparently never been enforced or even discussed to any significant degree.

Tax Man Knocking on Georgia’s Door Re Internet Sales

State legislatures around the country, even Republican controlled ones like Georgia, are resurrecting the lyrics of “Taxman,” the 1966 Beatles hit, as they look for new ways to pick the taxpayer’s pocket.

The getaway car for this latest heist? A tax on internet sales. Thus, an addition to George Harrison’s lyrics: “If you buy on line, I’ll tax that treat.”


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