Hall County Panel Votes Down Bilingual Ballot

Thanks to new member Craig Lutz, the Hall County Elections Board voted 3-2 on Tuesday to rescind an April vote to adopt new Spanish language ballots for county and state elections. The panel’s two Democrats voted against rescinding, and newcomer Lutz joined a fellow Republican panelist and the independent chairman to vote for repeal.

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Atlanta March for Life Scheduled for Friday

Georgia’s right-to-life movement and its religious faith-based political allies are gearing up for the annual “Georgia March for Life” in Atlanta this Friday. Organizers say they intend to demonstrate activist support as well as to urge supporters to contact their state lawmakers about their agenda.

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Governor Deal and That Rainy Day Fund

At Eggs and Issues last Wednesday, Governor Deal covered a range of issues. One of those issues was the Rainy Day Fund – it’s depletion during the height of the recession and Deal’s work in building it back up.

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Hall County Bilingual Ballot Battle

Thanks to new member Craig Lutz, the Hall County Elections Board is set to vote tomorrow on whether to ratify or reject bilingual ballots — a move opposed by liberal groups including the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia.

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Cobb: Have Budget Cuts First, Not a Millage Hike

Recent headlines read of record stock market gains and the lowest unemployment levels in years. As these things are happening, Cobb County’s tax digest is the highest ever. Yet Cobb County Commission Chairman Mike Boyce is saying the county doesn’t have the money it needs to pay for the facilities and services it provides and needs raise taxes to meet its commitments.

Monsanto: “Too Big for Their Britches”

One of the greatest challenges of raising kids is discerning when to give them more responsibility and when to have a “come to Jesus” meeting because they have gotten “too big for their britches.” As a cotton farmer following the Monsanto-Bayer merger, I recognize the telltale signs of a child that needs to be reined in a bit. As an economist, I see that Monsanto already exhibits monopolistic behavior, and they receive profits on virtually every bag of cotton seed sold in the U.S. 

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State cracks down on elder abuse

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is cracking down on unlicensed personal care homes, long a problem in the state.  Carr called a recent operation near Albany a “horrific elder abuse scheme,’ but luckily one the state was able to stop.  Carr, his team, and the GBI working to protect the state’s elderly who can’t defend themselves has their ship RISING…

The Georgia Gang - January 14, 2018

The Georgia Gang - January 7, 2018

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