AG Carr speaks in favor of ruling against ACA

A ruling by a Texas judge on Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional is bringing mixed opinions among state and federal lawmakers. In his ruling, which came on the eve of the deadline for tens of millions of Americans to sign up for health care coverage in 2019, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor said that the health-care law’s individual mandate is unconstitutional.

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Airport Authority Committee holds final meeting

The Senate Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Operations and Authority Creation Study Committee met for the fourth and final time Thursday, and finally City of Atlanta officials had their chance to argue for why the world’s busiest airport should remain under their purview.  The original date for the committee’s recommendation was set for December 1st, but was pushed back due to last month’s special session.

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UGA Announces 2018 Georgia Ag Forecast

The University of Georgia’s lauded College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is preparing for its annual Georgia Ag Forecast seminar series, where it brings its team of economists and agriculture experts around the state to talk to farmers about the latest trends and what the upcoming year has in store.  

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The George Bush I knew

George Herbert Walker Bush, whose careful custodianship of the unraveling of the old Soviet Union shaped a safer world for hundreds of millions, was mourned by a grateful nation Wednesday in a state funeral that brought together Republicans and Democrats in an increasingly rare demonstration of civility.

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Uber to fight crime

They don’t wear masks or capes, (well hopefully not) but in 2019 Uber drivers will be helping to keep Atlanta’s streets safe.  A new partnership between the ride sharing service and Crime Stoppers International aims to give drivers access to an online portal where they can anonymously report crimes while cruising the city’s streets, (while parked, obviously).  Uber has made teaming up with law enforcement a priority as of late, and this new resource that helps link the authorities with some of the people who see more of the city than anyone has all parties involved RISING…

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The Georgia Gang - December 9, 2018

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