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KSU Economist Talks 2017 at South Metro Development Outlook Conference (Video)

The 15th annual South Metro Development Outlook (SMDO) conference took place on Thursday at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park. The conference has been the pet project of sorts of Michael Hightower, the Managing Partner and Founder of The Collaborative Firm, an urban planning, program management, engineering support and more firm based in south Atlanta.

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State Senate Passes Transit Council Bill

On Wednesday, the state senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 6, a bill that would create the Georgia Regional Transit Council (GRTC), which would establish a statewide strategic transit plan to improve the state’s transportation infrastructure.

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Major live-work development planned for Duluth

Legacy Partners, a metro development firm, hopes to build a high-density work-live complex near the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth.

The proposal, which is scheduled to go before the Gwinnett Planning Commission, is specifically targeted to young professionals known as millennials. It will include, according to the developments rezoning application, 294 luxury apartments and 123,100 square feet on non-residential developments.

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Poll shows Dem up in 6th District, but it’s good news for GOP

A poll from zpolitics and Clout Research shows Democrat John Ossof with an early lead in the race to replace now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. With 32%, the Democrat led former Secretary of State Karen Handel, who took 25%, and John’s Creek Councilman Bob Gray at 11%. Former state Senator Judson Hill was close behind at 9%.

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Two Georgia Activists Address Trump Immigration Orders

Two Georgia activists who stand on polar opposites regarding illegal immigration released statements on Trump administration instructions issued yesterday by the Department of Homeland Security. One of the memos is titled “Enforcement of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest” and another one is “Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies,” which provides guidance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Border Patrol on how to execute President Donald Trump’s Jan. 25 executive orders.

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Space Flight bill soars through House

State Rep. Jason Spencer’s HB 1, which would “provide for the facilitation of space flight activities in this state,” easily passed the House late last week by a margin of 162-5. The bill looks to be the key piece of legislation to bring commercial space flight to the state as it would clarify the laws related to the industry, bringing Georgia in line with other states which have already taken steps to get their hands on an explosive new industry worth an estimated $330 billion per year nationwide.

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Controversial “Sanctuary campus” bill passes House

A bill aimed at stripping state funds from “sanctuary colleges” in Georgia made it through the State House of Representatives Wednesday, and is headed for the Senate. The new bill would apply to any private colleges or university in Georgia that blocks enforcement of immigration laws on their campuses.

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How gambling can help Georgia families

Georgia has a unique opportunity with gambling to do something innovative to solve a long standing problem that plagues our state. The solution is to take the proceeds from gambling and put it into EFFECTIVE long term mental health and addiction treatment to start healing individuals and families across our state that have been torn apart by this epidemic.

Reflections on Apples and slot machines

When Satan– as a serpent, the most subtle creature in the Garden of Eden– preyed on man’s desire to enjoy whatever was desired, he used the forbidden fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden as bait. Think of it as a longing for things bright and shiny characterized by a desire requiring instant gratification.

The Johnson Amendment: What’s the Big Deal?

Until President Donald Trump pledged to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment, most Americans (except a few well-informed church leaders and tax lawyers) had no idea what he was talking about. After all, the law has apparently never been enforced or even discussed to any significant degree.

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Floating Boats

Google Fiber a flop?
The introduction of Google Fiber into intown Atlanta neighborhoods has been a hot topic over the past year, but could that wave be slowing down?  Wracked by delays, the service is now changing management and 'reallocating' hundreds of employees.  Apartments and even whole neighborhoods promised super-fast internet have been left in the lurch.  Google has inspired a great deal of confidence, but their performance in Atlanta sees their ship...
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