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Georgian Named to Federal Student Loan Position

Macon native and Mercer University graduate Dr. Wayne Johnson has been named by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to be the chief operating officer of Federal Student Aid (FSA). That powerful division of the federal education agency serves 42 million student loan borrowing clients and administers more than $1.4 trillion in current outstanding federal student loan balances.

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Warren County Schools Named Charter System of the Year

On Thursday, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle hosted the 3rd Annual Charter System Foundation Awards Luncheon, which highlights the achievements of Georgia Charter Systems. The event culminates in the naming of the Charter System of the Year Award. This year, Warren County Schools received the award and wins a $10,000 grant by the Georgia Association of Realtors.

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Fulton Commissioners Reject 2017 Property Tax Digest

The Fulton County Commission on Wednesday unanimously voted to reject the 2017 county residential property tax assessments mailed out by the board of assessors. That means residential properties within Georgia’s most populous county will be taxed this year based on the 2016 property tax digest.

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Georgia peaches few but tasty

Georgia peach grower Duke Lane III can’t say many good things about the quantity of peaches on his trees this year. His mood brightens noticeably when asked about the quality of the peaches he is harvesting, and it stays upbeat when he talks about the price that fruit brings.

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Some Good Nuclear News for Georgia

It received virtually no media coverage in Georgia but H.R. 1551 – the Modifying Advanced Nuclear Power Tax Credit— passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday and prospects are good for Senate passage. Enactment of this legislation into law would be an especially huge boost to the troubled Plant Vogtle construction of its two additional nuclear electricity-generating units.

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A Post-Mortem on the GA 6th CD Runoff

In analyzing the Georgia 6th District congressional runoff results, it is clear that north Fulton County’s Republican clout has not been diminished. And with the east Cobb County past of the district additionally flexing its GOP muscle, it is clear now-incumbent Karen Handel is in very good shape for her re-election next year. (She’ll be filling out the two-year term of now-HHS Secretary Tom Price.)

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Red, Purple and Blue – Losses and Lessons Learned

Tharon Johnson is a consultant with Paramount Consulting Group and a Democrat strategist.

​For many, the election results last Tuesday were a disappointment, if not a surprise. Taking a gerrymandered, ruby-red congressional district and turning it blue was always going to be an uphill battle.

Toward a resurgent Georgia ruraldom

The “selling concept” holds that if consumers or businesses are left to themselves, they won’t buy enough of the selling company’s products. The producer, then, needs to undertake an aggressive promotional campaign to combat that customer inertia.

What Do We Learn from the 6th District Result?

There are some things that even $30 million can’t buy. Expenditures in that range failed to secure victory for Democrats in the special election to fill Tom Price’s congressional seat. The millions spent between the April primary and the June 20 second round had no impact on the outcome. In April the eleven Republicans got a combined total of 51% while the five Democrats’ vote share totaled 49%. Democrat Jon Ossoff had a large lead in the first round with 48.1%. Nine weeks, tens of millions of dollars and untold numbers of mail-outs, TV ads and door-knocks, Ossoff won 48.1% of the vote on June 20.

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GA Tech Pres. takes S. GA tour

Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson recently wrapped up his 9th annual Georgia tour, a four-day-nearly 1,000 mile trip to visit locals across the state who have been impacted by the university.  This year Peterson and his team ventured down to South Georgia, meeting Yellow Jackets from Brunswick to Columbus and everywhere in between.   Peterson staying in touch with Tech’s roots across the state has his and the school’s ship RISING…

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