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Also on the Ballot: Cobb SPLOST

  With two major races that look like they will come down to the wire, it’s easy to look past some of the other contests on the ballot.  While the Attorney General’s and Lt. Governor’s races figure to be relatively easy wins for the (Republican) ... read more

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Holder: Fiddling While Rome Burns

  On Oct 14, 2014, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed with great fanfare that, effective immediately, federal prosecutors can no longer include in plea agreements language which operates to waive a criminal defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to the ... read more

The Real National Debt figure…

As the coming election gets closer I decided to deviate from a “true Georgia” column to one that can be applied to all Americans. I’m talking about the national debt. It’s relevant to Georgians because we are all inheriting a piece of it, as well as our kids and ... read more

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SPR Final Fall Cover 2014

The July/August 2014 issue of James is now available online!  CLICK HERE to view the interactive version.



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Rick Allen Calls Out U.S. Chamber

U.S. 12th Congressional District candidate Rick Allen, the token Republican candidate running against the incumbent (Democrat) John Barrow, called the U.S. Chamber of Commerce a, “outspoken proponent of amnesty” after they came out with an ad supporting Barrow.  An odd enemy to make, considering he is running on his background as a businessman, but hey, it seemed to work for David Perdue in the U.S. Senate primary.  The polls show the race as close, but last minute shots at the Chamber see Allen’s ship DRIFTING…


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