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Our own president doesn’t respect our laws

  (This column, by InsiderAdvantage co-publisher Phil Kent, originally appeared in the Nov. 24 Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is a member of the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board.) Everyone agrees that our broken immigration system needs to be fixed. But ... read more

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Atlanta Streetcar Involved in Two Wrecks Already

The Atlanta Streetcar is still in its testing phase, but in the past week it has already been involved in two wrecks.  To be fair, both were the fault of drivers trying to cut in front of it as its turning, but don’t expect this to be the last we hear of accidents involving the streetcar.  Already known for having rather, erm, poor drivers, Atlanta is now about to have an 80 foot long behemoth sharing the streets.  Atlanta drivers, your stock, like your cars on an icy road, is DRIFTING…


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