ACCG Pursues Top Legislative Priorities for 2017

ACCG, Georgia’s county association, tells InsiderAdvantage that it works with the state to ensure necessary public services are provided efficiently and effectively throughout Georgia. Its membership is made up of all 159 counties that work collaboratively through the association to develop sound public policies and then implement them through the passage of state law or agency rules and regulations.

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Water wars headed toward a resolution?

The trial seeking to come to a resolution between Georgia and Florida over water usage came to an end last week, with the special master imploring both sides to reach a settlement before he gives his recommendation in January.

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Analyzing the ‘Ground Game’ in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District

With U.S. Rep. Tom Price tapped to head the Department of Health and Human Services by President-elect Donald Trump, Georgians will be interested to see who his potential successor might be. InsiderAdvantage has already listed the names of some announced and potential candidates for the Sixth U.S. Congressional District. But today we analyze the district’s past voting patterns, demographics and other voter information.

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New deal means big raises for Delta pilots

Delta Air Lines pilots will get an overall 30 percent raise by 2019, with most of that immediate and retroactive to Jan. 1, following the ratification of a new contract with the air carrier.

About 18 months ago, the pilots rejected a deal with smaller raises, but this time 82 percent of the pilots voted to accept a deal that runs through the end of 2019.

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Ehrhart on Emory ‘sanctuary campus’

Last week IAG CEO Phil Kent wrote about Atlanta’s Emory University considering naming itself a ‘sanctuary campus’ and defying federal immigration authorities seeking to remove illegal aliens. State Representative Earl Erhart, a member of the powerful state House of Representatives Appropriations Committe, while admitting that private institutions can do as they please, threatened that he would “advocate removal of all Georgia funds from the school” should they disobey both state and federal laws.

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What Donald Trump’s win means for Georgia

Every presidential election means change. The only question is the magnitude of change. So, when President George H. W. Bush succeeded President Ronald Reagan, it was more of a course modification than a change in direction. When President Barack Obama succeeded President George W. Bush, it was a sea change.

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Atlanta ponders rent control in specific neighborhoods
The City of Atlanta is considering a bid to the Georgia Legislature for the ability to institute rent control in specific low-income neighborhood which are being effected by gentrification.  Such...
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