3rd Congressional District race heats up

After a fairly quiet primary, the run-off race for the 3rd Congressional District seat is heating up.

Both candidates vying to replace current Congressman Lynn Westmoreland pulled in key endorsements this week, as early voting begins next week for the July 26 election.

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Atlanta Mayor, Police Chief Face Rising Murders, Shootings

Recently there were nine murders during an 11-day period in southeast Atlanta (Police Zone 3). So as of Wednesday, there have been a record 57 murders within the city limits of Georgia’s capital city in 2016. Shootings are up 57 percent from last year. Carjackings in the Buckhead area are on the rise, as are robberies in various zones.

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New Laws Into Effect Friday

Friday marks that time of year when the Georgia legislature reaches out from May and reminds that yes, what they do actually matters and has an impact. Whether that impact is positive or negative may depend on your point of view but the impact cometh nonetheless. July 1 is the day when many laws that were passed in the previous session go into effect. And there are plenty.

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A solution for the Atlanta Streetcar?

The Atlanta Streetcar has been maligned ever since its inception in December of 2014. Heck, it was maligned even before that, whether because of cost increases, construction delays, (it was originally slated to open in February of 2012) or the common refrain that it ‘doesn’t go anywhere’.

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Anti-borders mob in Atlanta demands ICE be dismantled

Yesterday, a coalition of about 70 anti-borders leftists calling itself the “Georgia Not1More coalition” staged a downtown Atlanta protest/street-scream/march that began at the Georgia Capitol and eventually took-over an entire intersection adjacent to Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) offices on Ted Turner Drive. They illegally blocked traffic from about 11:00 AM to around 12:30 PM.

Terror at home: What does it Mean?

Radical Islamic terrorist attacks have once again made their way across the oceans to the United States of America. The brutality of the attacks at Pulse, a gay night club in Orlando, Fla., once again shocked the conscience of Americans at home and pretty much everyone else throughout the world.

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Floating Boats

The future of transportation – bikes?

Light rail and self-driving cars may get the headlines, but a more old fashioned type of transit is sweeping the city – bicycles.  Already the City of Atlanta is embracing a bike sharing network that will allow visitors and residents to rent bikes from kiosks throughout the city, and other areas of town such are researching ways to get in on the action as well.  Clean, cheap, and healthy transportation that helps unclog the roads?  That idea is RISING…

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