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Primary Runoff Day – Bad Day for Incumbents and Good Lesson on Turnout

Georgia news watchers may have closely followed the runoffs on Tuesday, including a few high profile campaigns – the Cobb Commission Chairman race featuring Tim Lee who helped mastermind the Braves move, the race for Georgia’s third Congressional District, the possible return to politics of Vernon Jones and the campaign of the last WWII vet serving in the Georgia legislature – but the historic failure of incumbents and the tightness of some of the races deserves another look.

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Jason, Jimmy Carter speak at DNC

  Former Democratic Senatorial Candidate Jason Carter introduced Grandfather President Jimmy Carter at the DNC Thursday, the third Georgia politician to speak this week in Philadelphia. Jason, from the ‘battleground state of Georgia’, gave a stirring introduction to the former President, who spoke remotely via video.  The elder Carter gave a rousing endorsement to Hillary Clinton, speaking on her experience and competence while deriding rival Donald Trump’s ‘moral and ethical principles’.   See the full video of both Carters... read more

Reed speaks at DNC

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed followed in some big footsteps Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, speaking directly after Vice President Joe Biden.

The speech, clocking in at around four minutes, hit on the idea of “diversity over division”, painting a picture of two parties pulling American in different directions. He went on to urge voters to “choose a steady-handed Commander-in-Chief over a loose cannon”.

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Senior judge exhibits ‘bizarre, unethical’ behavior

Georgia’s media and legal communities continue to be outraged over what Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Chris Joyner calls “the bizarre and unethical behavior” of Judge Richard Winegarden. He is the senior judge who dropped felony charges against North Georgia newspaper publisher Mark Thomason and his attorney following a recent court hearing in Pickens County.

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Election results: July 26th runoff edition

Low turnout ruled the day throughout the state for the July 26th runoff elections, not a surprise as the tickets were short and the day searing hot.

Former West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson will advance to a November U.S. House race against Democrat Angela Pendley, a vote where he will be heavily favored in deep red District 3.

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A Rocky Start, A United End

“To the Bernie or Bust people, you’re being ridiculous.”

That was comedian Sarah Silverman at the DNC Convention last night, remarking on much of the behavior that was on display through the first day of the convention.

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See The Georgia Gang from July 24th

On the latest edition of The Georgia Gang, InsiderAdvantage CEO Phil Kent and the rest of the crew break down the Trump-Pence nomination as well as the GA GOP 3rd congressional district runoff.

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Live from the DNC Convention – Day Four: The Beginning of an Era

​What is there left to say about the Democratic convention this year? Yesterday closed out four days of optimism, hope, and a vision for the country that showed us that as long as we work together, every American can be lifted up. The Democratic Party did not resort to fearmongering and scare tactics which only serve to divide us along the lines of race and gender.

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Trump courts backlash vote

After Donald Trump finished his acceptance speech Thursday night, CNN’s panel of experts – all except the Trump supporters – couldn’t contain their anger, attacking the speech for its “dark tone” and its failure to reach beyond Trump’s base of supporters.

A Learning Opportunity for Conservative Ga. Leaders

The Conservative Policy Leadership Institute (CPLI), a 501(c)(3), non-partisan educational organization, has been the leading conservative policy training program in Georgia for six years. Founded by alumni from the Coverdell Leadership Institute, CPLI recruits public policy-oriented individuals who have demonstrated leadership experience and who desire an advanced issue-based educational experience grounded in conservative thought.

Amidst Convention Hoopla, A Congressional Victory for Privacy

With the attention of virtually all media and political pundits centered on the major political conventions, it is important we not lose sight of the fact that many lawmakers from both parties are continuing their relentless drive to increase the power of the federal government to snoop. Thankfully, a group of pro-freedom members of the House of Representatives are looking out for our interests.

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Georgia set for sales tax-free weekend

This weekend Georgians can skip out on paying a state sales tax on many back-to-school items, courtesy of state officials.  Save on items from clothing and school supplies all the way up to computers, only on July 30th and 31st.  Lower taxes for all Georgian students and their parents?  That’s one deal that all Peach State residents can agree is RISING…

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