Chandra Farley is Atlanta’s chief sustainability officer who serves on the board of directors of the radical Community Movement Builders, an openly anti-police group. If I were a cop, firefighter or an EMT (Atlanta’s proposed “Cop City” center will also train underpaid, heroic and underpaid EMTs and firefighters), I’d be pretty upset with Mayor Andre Dickens. The mayor has been, until recently, at least lukewarm in his public support of building the police training facility yet he appointed her to one of the highest-ranking positions in his cabinet.  


Questions about Farley need to be answered, and don’t count on the Atlanta Journal Constitution to ask them. 

The Community Movement Builders (CMB) is one of the main organizations sympathizing with assaults on police, including the textbook March 5th stealth attack using children of stupid in-towners as human shields for firebombs against police at the site. That day an alleged “music festival” was actually a cover for 150 terrorists to assault the police.  To put it bluntly, wouldn’t CMB love nothing better than to have an Atlanta cop targeted with firebombs accidently shoot the child of a duped anti-cop Atlanta resident? 

Farley is right in the thick of this. CMBis a far-left organization founded a few years ago under some pretty shifty people and pretty shifty timelines by longtime professional dirtbag Kamau Franklin. 

Franklin, a seasoned Marxist-Leninist activist from the Freedom Road Organization, showed up recently in Atlanta to organize the internationally-coordinated opposition to the so-called “Cop City.”  His specialty is using faux environmental concerns to promote the abolition of police.  Now he’s speaking to the international media about how mad he is that they’re not viewing the anti-“Cop City” movement as a “local” movement— even though he isn’t a local.  And even though the vast majority are not Georgians who have been “occupying” the forest near the site, trying to kill Atlanta police, spiking trees to kill construction workers and destroying construction vehicles. 

In any event, the question of the day remains: Why did the mayor appoint Farley to be one of his top cabinet advisors?   

By the way, usually nonprofits have many more than three board members.  Also, board members are usually listed prominently with bios on their websites. In this case, you must search for Farley’s connection.  Here’s how you do it: go to the Community Movement Builders website, then go to “Our People,” and then scroll down to the very bottom of the page, past the local Atlanta dupes, and you will find her name at the very bottom of the page. 

Mayor Dickens has an anti-police radical in his inner-circle, and he cannot have her there while saying he supports the police. 

 Dr. Tina Trent lives in north Georgia and received a doctorate from the Institute for Women’s Studies of Emory University. 


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