A threatening message scrawled on a building in downtown Atlanta



What is going on with all the violence in Georgia’s capital city? That’s a question asked not just by Georgians, but also around the country. Consider what happened Saturday night. Police arrested six radicals after an anti-police riot erupted in downtown Atlanta. At the same time, a headline in Sunday’s Atlanta newspaper read: “Homicides up third year in a row in Atlanta.”

To help address this question, InsiderAdvantage has gathered inside information from law enforcement sources regarding the violent Antifa network that’s allied with the “Defend Atlanta Forest” group. Since last spring these radicals have illegally occupied land to target a city police center construction site. They have set fires and then attacked firefighters, they’ve thrown bombs and shot at police, they’ve terrorized construction workers and their families and inflicted almost $1 million in damages.

And just the other day, during a law enforcement sweep of the occupied forest, a trooper was wounded and return fire resulted in the shooter dead. Then, on Saturday night, Antifa and other militants vowed revenge. The result was that a downtown rampage occurred.

As we have previously reported, “Defend Atlanta Forest” is not comprised of people in the DeKalb County neighborhood where the police academy will be placed and who claim to be “concerned about the environment.”

The people who have already been indicted for crossing state lines as part of a terrorist conspiracy were not from DeKalb County nor from Georgia. They came from out of state and participated in a violent attack on the construction site during which they threw eight bombs at the police who arrived at the scene.

Here’s what one law enforcement source says:

“These violent criminals continue to get treatment from the courts and the media that one could only dream of. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Mathew Robins gave them bail and even set it as low as $6,000. For a $6,000 payment to a bonding company, this miscreant can walk out of jail, pick up the keys to his car and drive off. I can’t imagine any ordinary citizen getting released on a $6,000 bond after being indicted for involvement in a terrorist conspiracy which inflicted over $900,000 of damage.”

“These people enjoy some kind of ‘magic’ that protects them,” he continues. “Part of it is their pretense that they are ‘anti-racism activists.’ Gullible people have accepted these false claims at face value. These people are dangerous, violent extremists. They are Marxists. No one is going to ‘nice’ them out of their criminal behavior stemming from their insane, weirdo views”.

Antifa, which has cells in various cities (especially Portland, Oregon), and “Defend Atlanta Forest” are largely made of what our senior law enforcement source calls Marxist ideologues coupled with “a lot of young, drug-addled useful idiots.”

Some of Atlanta’s violent activity, this source says, is being run from “Southbend Commons” in their headquarters. In fact, on the side of their building facing Claire Drive, are scrawled words saying: ‘Peaceful Protest is Over.’ This tells any reasonable person that Atlanta is dealing with extremists openly committed to violence”.

Another source tells us about the “interesting lingo” these fanatics use in their planning. One example are their tweets and announcements about the “black bloc” planned for last Saturday night in Atlanta.

Our source explains:

“They claim that they are going to wear black in mourning for their comrade ‘’murdered’ by the state troopers. But it is important for Mayor Andre Dickens and law enforcement to know that this term “black bloc,” when used by the Antifa terrorist group, does not refer either to “black” as in the black race nor to mourning. It is a term they use to instruct members to cover their faces with black masks to conceal their identities when planning to attack the police and their vehicles and smash windows. They use this term in Portland where they are far more advanced in implementing their program than they are in Atlanta. But they plan to make up for lost time here.”

Anyone who has visited Portland knows that Antifa and its front groups have devastated the city. Our source says, “The downtown of Portland is now like a ghost town. They were allowed by a sympathetic mayor and city council who were bedazzled by their claims of being ‘anti-racist activists’ to get away with blocking traffic, attacking motorists who dared to complain at being blocked, breaking the windows of downtown businesses, shaking business owners down for what used to be called “protection money” and so on.”

Portland is now reeling from the effects of what these “black bloc” demonstrations have done.

Our source asks: “Will Atlanta and the state of Georgia allow this to happen here? If they succeed in turning Atlanta into another Portland, the economic impact will be huge. They will block improvements in downtown Atlanta. They will drive business out of town. They will inflict colossal damage.”

Phil Kent is the CEO and publisher of InsiderAdvantage Georgia


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