In the contentious U.S. Senate race, Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock had a bad day yesterday, while Republican challenger Herschel Walker had a good one. The welcomed development for Walker, recently hit by an allegation from an anonymous woman who claimed he paid for her abortion (which he strongly denies), is that he’s still in a tight race. 

The Atlanta-based Trafalgar Group released a poll yesterday showing Warnock at 46 percent with Walker at 45 percent. (A candidate that doesn’t receive 50 percent plus 1 in the November general election triggers a runoff election.) The same day, The Hill/Emerson College poll showed respondents giving Walker 46 percent to Warnock’s 48. 

Bottom line: The Republican is hanging in there despite hundreds of thousands of dollars of repetitive anti-Walker ads over the past several days. 

The Democrat also suffered a big blow yesterday when 34N22, a political action committee supporting Walker,  released a TV ad entitled “Good Actor,” featuring uncovered bodycam footage of Warnock’s ex-wife during a messy domestic violence altercation in March of 2020. It dramatically shows ex-wife Oulèye Ndoye in tears blaming an angry Warnock for running over her foot with his car. She goes on to warn that he is a “great actor” and “really good at putting on a show.” 

Since that incident, she filed child custody motions in Fulton County Superior Court alleging Warnock often leaves their children when he has custody, has repeatedly refused to pay adequate child support and says that Warnock “routinely neglects” the travel provisions laid out in their divorce agreement. As this is written, Warnock is still fighting her in court. 

InsiderAdvantage is told the $1.7 million anti-Warnock broadcast and cable television ad buy in metro Atlanta will run over the next two weeks. (Early voting starts Monday, October 17th. The “Good Actor” ad follows two previous ads from 34N22, “Flood” and “Warnock Isn’t Working.” 

Click HERE or below to view the ad: 



“Like Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife said: He’s a great actor, but a terrible person,” said 34N22 spokesperson Stephen Lawson. ”Warnock ran over his wife with his car, refused to pay child support, and neglected the terms of his divorceall while refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever. He continues to throw stones in a glass house, and his blatant hypocrisy will now be on full display for Georgia voters. There’s only one deadbeat dad in this race, and his name is Raphael Warnock.” 



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