It’s official, we’ve got a recession on. By definition, this means we had a second consecutive quarter of economic contraction. Keep in mind however, these numbers are nationwide. Of course the economy of the country as a whole means a great deal to the 50 individual states but the rate of growth from state to state can vary relatively widely, even during a recession. Regional advantages or shocks could mean a recession hits one area harder than another or some state may have an advantage for some reason over another.

In the case of Georgia’s ports, the second quarter was anything but a recession. The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) announced on Tuesday that it had its busiest June ever in fiscal year 2022, handling nearly half a million containers. This was an increase of more than 10 percent over last June, almost 50,000 more containers. As goes Georgia ports does not necessarily equate to Georgia avoiding a recession, but the ports remain an anchor for the state’s economy in a way that is nearly unmatched among most states in the country, not to mention our southern neighbors.   

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