Elbert County made national news earlier this month when a bomb destroyed the Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious and famous granite monolith that has drawn controversy in recent years.  The stones, raised in 1980 by an unknown benefactor, were covered in inscriptions in multiple languages meant to guide mankind in the future following a nuclear war or similarly apocalyptic event.  Following the bombing – which remains unsolved – the remains of the stones were destroyed, but will Elberton get its best known roadside attraction back?  Elbert County officials have said they have no plans to rebuild the guidestones, which were technically gifted to the county after they were originally built.  The Granite Association, still active in the county, which is among the largest granite manufacturers in the world, says they are discussing whether to contribute to some sort of rebuild.  One of its former members, Joe H. Fendley Sr., was the representative for the mysterious group that engineered the project.  After all the guidestones aren’t just mysterious instructions for future generations, they’re also a major attraction for visitors to Elbert County.  



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