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Prices are skyrocketing due to inflation but inflation is not the only driver of the costs and goods and travel. Record-breaking gas and energy prices are playing a part, as well. The cost of gas affects children getting to day care, parents getting to work and business owner’s ability to operate successful businesses.

State Rep. Charlice Byrd

In Georgia, we did our part to help plan for the future by suspending the state’s gas tax.

If our nation had a plan for energy independence, or if each state embraced energy independence, prices at the pump would not be squeezed by the results of foreign conflict or trade cabals.

Georgia has the ability to tackle real issues with real solutions, and it is time to return energy policy to the states. If we do not act, we will not be able to afford what the future has in store. I would like to work with my fellow legislators to propose a forward-thinking energy plan for Georgia.

To call on Congress, requesting a permanent ban on exploration and drilling off the Outer Continental Shelf, including deep waters off the coast of Georgia. The ban expired and been reinstated in the past few years. We should enter into negotiations with oil and gas companies to explore energy in our state.

To create an economic development environment promoting construction of a natural gas pipeline(s). With growing demands for energy and soaring prices in recent months, we need supply to keep up with demand.

To introduce legislation calling on the Environment Protection agency to waive designer fuel standards for the foreseeable future. New technology, not gasoline, mkes our air cleaner.

No natural disaster or foreign conflict should disrupt the state’s economy or break our checkbooks. Planning for the future hopefully will insulate us from an energy crisis and help keep prices reasonable, moving forward.

State Rep. Charlice Byrd is a Republican representing Georgia’s House District 20 in Cherokee County


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