Longtime pollster and InsiderAdvantage Georgia Chairman Matt Towery was busy polling Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary for the Fox5 Atlanta TV station during the past few days. The results:

Georgia Republican Gubernatorial Primary (Rounded Numbers)

  • Kemp 52%
  • Perdue 38%
  • Taylor 6%
  • Davis 1%
  • Undecided 3%

The following is Towery’s analysis:

“Gov. Brian Kemp continues to lead the race, but the contest is closer than recent polls have suggested. We detected a tightening of this race several weeks ago and it has basically remained in the range of our last poll for Fox5Atlanta.

“In polling other states we have learned that support for candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump is harder to detect and that the numbers for the endorsed candidate in the election results outperform the numbers as polled.

“With a very small percent of undecided voters remaining, this Georgia race will depend on Election Day turnout. While early voting has been very robust, we remain cautious about declaring this some massive turnout. As Georgians have become increasingly aware of early voting, we find that Election Day numbers can be disappointing.

“With rain in the forecast for Tuesday it is likely only the most motivated voters will participate. While these numbers still show a Kemp win without a runoff, that could be determined by who turns out on Tuesday. Regardless, we believe some polls have set an impossible level for Kemp to achieve and that these numbers, within the margin of error and the three percent undecided, are a more reasonable reflection of the race as it stands today.”


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