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Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series featuring both the Republican and Democratic candidates for Governor of Georgia.

Dr. Kandiss Taylor is one of several Republicans challenging incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp in the May 24th Primary. And she says she’s running to give Georgians an option that is “non establishment, honest, conservative, and a true representative of ‘We the People’”.

Recently, Taylor reached out to the Abrams for Governor campaign and challenged Stacey Abrams to a debate later this month because Taylor says she is being excluded from Republican gubernatorial debates. But Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo issued the following statement to Taylor:

Kandiss Taylor

“It’s up to Brian Kemp and David Perdue to explain to Republican women and to all Georgians why they are excluding Kandiss Taylor from participating in multiple Republican primary debates…We look forward to debating Kandiss Taylor, David Perdue, or Brian Kemp — whoever wins the Republican primary.”

Fox News reported that Kandiss Taylor will be excluded from two of the three Republican primary debates.

Taylor is a South Georgia native and has been employed as an educator for 19 years. In her campaign materials, Taylor says public service is not new to her – she has served in a public school system as a 3rd grade teacher, school counselor, testing coordinator, student services coordinator, and homeless liaison.

“The welfare, education, and safety of our children are of utmost importance to me. I want to see the focus of our government move to issues that matter and impact our daily life,” Taylor says. “It’s time to move away from the manipulation of special interest groups. Money and power have no place in influencing our public servants.”

On her campaign website, Taylor says she is “passionate about the working class, mental health, less government overreach, education, small business growth, gun rights, our farmers, the economy, right to life, and election integrity. Put simply, Jesus, Guns, and Babies!”

“I am the only candidate fighting for election integrity,” she says. “We can’t expect fraud to go away by using the same process we did in the 2020 election. As your governor, I will secure our elections by removing Dominion machines and drop boxes. The people of Georgia want paper ballots.”

Taylor says she is running for office because “I can’t complain about what is going on if I’m not willing to do something about it. The Governor’s budget is 60 percent education, and who better to clean things up than a public school educator who knows where and what to cut!”

She recently announced that she will be on a bus tour this month across the state. The tour began April 7.


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