The media, regressive left and establishment right have provided a haunting object lesson when it comes to the tragedy of the Atlanta spa murders. Their refusal to call for the death penalty for these deranged homicides confirms the hollowness of their feigned outrage, the cynicism of their concocted concern and the emptiness of their “woke” protestations. 

It also shows they could care less about true social justice. 

The ancient Greek lawmaker Solon admonished, “In a well governed state, citizens like members of the same body, should feel and resent each other’s injuries.” This inhuman catastrophe should, accordingly, unite Georgians and Americans in compassion and a resounding petition for the appropriate punishment for these atrocities. Pursuing the death penalty for the Atlanta spa murders would, thus, represent authentic social justice. 

Running counter, political connivers have again proven that they “never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.” Preying on grief, politically correct maneuverers have seized on this horror to castigate the American populace on race while laying siege to the Second Amendment. 

Could they possibly show more disdain for the victims of this barbarity? Does further balkanizing the U.S. serve any public safety interest? Will division assuage grief or restore order? If the cruelty of the shooter’s depraved misconduct truly shocked these opportunists, why not insist on the death penalty? 

But these woke grandstanders refuse to issue this call. Are there vigils in favor of the death penalty? Don’t these victims’ lives sufficiently matter? The silence is deafening. This is as the insurgents sermonize, preaching painfully played-out Politically Correct platitudes 

According to law professor Robert Blecker, the punishment of death should be reserved “for those who clearly do deserve to die…the worst of the worst stand out as simply more objectively despicable than the vast majority of common murderers.”

Apparently, to the moralizers, the Atlanta spa murders do not qualify as that kind of dreadful or horrendous. 

The obligatory requests for the application of Georgia’s “hate crimes law,” when considered in terms of sentence, border on the asinine. Former federal prosecutor Bret R. Williams has explained that this statute can only add a mere two-years. Interestingly, reports of a congressional visit to the sites of the shootings included a request for hate crimes classification, but, conspicuously, made no mention of the death penalty. 

Seriously? Tacking on two extra years, as opposed to death, for these unhinged and heinous acts is their cause?  How could that pittance represent anything resembling justice for a mass slaughter?

The weaknesses in Georgia’s faux hate crimes law have been detailed in InsiderAdvantage and Law Enforcement Today. Still, the Atlanta killings do not appear to have prompted its supporters to recommend changes, starting with making hate crime murders death sentence eligible. Didn’t Ahmaud Arbery’s mother convey that she wanted the death penalty imposed on her son’s assailants?   

On a related note, there is no evidence that the Atlanta spa murders were committed by someone effectuating a citizen’s arrest. Neither does the killer appear to have been advocating in favor of voter identification requirements at the time of the homicides. So, there’s that. 

The duplicity abounds. When it comes to January 6, 2021, we have been force-fed a narrative that murders—including that of a law enforcement officer—occurred during what has been labeled as an “insurrection” against the U.S. Government. Well, if these woke voices believe such violent, homicidal treason occurred, why don’t they call for the death penalty?

During the murderously destructive criminal unrest of 2020, apologists incessantly trotted out the following quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., “But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard.” Interestingly, MLK’s observation saw little light when it came to Donald Trump supporters.

By all appearances in the Atlanta murders, a highly disturbed individual opened fire at a host of innocent victims. Absent extreme mental illness, if properly convicted, this is precisely the sort of depravity that earns the death penalty. In their refusal to call for it, the mendacity of the media, moral cowardice of the establishment right and the rank hypocrisy of the regressive left have been on full and shameless display. 

Leaders should rise above this woke morass and institute true social justice. They should call out the hubris of the Politically Correct crowd while seeking the socially just punishment for these crimes—namely the ultimate deterrent—death.

Phil Kent is the CEO & Publisher of InsiderAdvantage Georgia.


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