For the first time two of the nation’s most accurate national polling firms in 2020 have teamed up, this time to survey the state in which both are headquartered: Georgia.

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery and Trafalgar Group’s Chief Pollster Robert Cahaly revealed today the results of their joint survey. The poll is timely given that former President Donald Trump announced his support for a potential U.S. Senate run by UGA football legend Herschel Walker.

In the survey (a link to the full poll can be found HERE) Walker leads incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock by 48%-to-46% with the remainder either supporting another candidate or undecided. Similar ballot tests between potential Republican candidates Doug Collins and Kelly Loeffler show Warnock ahead, although the margin between Warnock and Collins was less than a point.

Cahaly observes “Walker’s name has been thrown out there over the past few weeks but operatives, elected officials and pundits were all quietly asking the same question: ‘can Herschel win?’ We now know that answer to that question is absolutely yes. An 81 percent favorable rating among GOP primary voters is unheard of these days, but that was his rating in this survey.”

In potential GOP head-to-head primary matchups, Walker leads both Collins and Loeffler by wide margins. In a matchup between Collins and Loeffler, Collins leads by some 20 points.

As for future GOP presidential candidates, Republican voters overwhelmingly prefer another run by Trump with 70 percent of respondents saying they would “absolutely” vote for Trump in a future presidential primary.

Towery states “It is very clear that the Republican politicians in Georgia who are trying to distance themselves from Trump and saying ‘let’s move on’ are basically cutting off and alienating an overwhelming and very active GOP political base.”

The survey also sampled opinions of the potential candidates and the approval rating for Gov. Brian Kemp.

Towery notes that InsiderAdvantage, which now includes nationally acclaimed former Reagan pollster Craig Keshishian, has never partnered with another firm to conduct surveys. Both firms were hailed by media, including the leadership of RealClearPolitics, as being among the very few pollsters to accurately poll the tight nature of the 2020 presidential election in major swing states. Both firms polled the Georgia Senate runoffs accurately as well.   

Cahaly, Towery, and Keshishian all publicly warned that the two incumbent senators would likely lose the runoff elections, in part for not quickly embracing Trump’s $2,000 per person additional stimulus  proposed last December.

Towery notes “over the past 25 years InsiderAdvantage has continuously polled for Atlanta network TV affiliates and various daily newspapers, as well as for Fox affiliates in many swing states. Our track record in Georgia speaks for itself. Robert and Trafalgar have an equally superlative record in Georgia. And their work in others states in 2020 was outstanding. We are a perfect match to accurately and definitively assess the Georgia’s political landscape.”

The two firms have decided to team up, when appropriate, on various projects and surveys in other states around the country as well. Keshishian will take the lead for those efforts for InsiderAdvantage.

Towery retired to Florida and from daily management of InsiderAdvantage and its publications in 2015, naming Phil Kent its CEO. Kent is a political mainstay in Georgia as a prominent member of FOX5 Atlanta’s “The Georgia Gang” and publisher of InsiderAdvantage’s popular political and business magazine JAMES. 


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