John Fredericks, formerly of the Atlanta area and now based in Richmond, Virginia with his successful John Fredericks Radio Network (JFRN), yesterday unveiled a new Atlanta talk radio station. The format, which includes a syndicated show hosted by former Congressman Doug Collins, airs on Atlanta radio station WMLB AM 1690 under a local marketing agreement until the full purchase is completed. 

“News talk radio is the last bastion of free and unencumbered speech in America,” talk show host and CEO Fredericks says. “It’s our final frontier of free speech, and it’s a community devoid of the cancel culture now stifling and squashing free and open discussion in our country. We are honored to bring our fresh and dynamic brand of news-talk radio and cutting-edge commentary to our Atlanta metro listeners.” 

Collins, an attorney and former congressman who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate last year, debuts a show that airs Monday through Friday 3:00-4:00 pm live from Atlanta. More Georgia affiliates for The Doug Collins Show will be added later this month.

“We are very excited to have Doug as part of our radio syndicated network and I believe his show will become immediate must-listen radio not only in Georgia but nationally,” Fredericks said. “Doug has always had his finger on the pulse of America.” (Collins’ show will also be aired live on Fredericks-owned stations in Virginia: WJFN-AM 820, WJFN-FM 100.5 FM, and 92.7 FM.)

“The Doug Collins show will be on the front lines in the fight for conservative ideas that make a difference in the lives of people,” Collins said. “Liberals love to tell us what is wrong with us and what we should be scared of,” the former congressman added. “My show will be a place where good ideas are nurtured, government encroachment is fought against, and the worth of the individual will be celebrated. Listen to the show to be challenged, lifted up, motivated, angered — but never bored.”  

You can listen to 1690 HERE


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