The U.S. Supreme Court heard more oral arguments Monday in the unending “Water Wars” between Georgia and Florida, with Sunshine State attorneys arguing that Georgia’s water use has decimated oyster farming in Apalachicola – an area of the panhandle near Tallahassee.  However, justices seemed reluctant to side with Florida, with Chief Justice John Roberts saying that figuring out who is actually responsible for the oyster farming industry’s collapse could be like “Murder on the Orient Express,” a mystery with many fingers to be pointed.  The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, which begins north of Lake Lanier and flows down through Atlanta, past Columbus, and down into Florida and the Gulf Coast south of Lake Seminole, has been the subject of dispute for years with Georgia consistently getting the better of Florida in court, most recently via a special master’s conclusion in 2019.  The Supreme Court is now weighing that recommendation against the arguments being laid out this week, but things are looking good for the Peach State – namely Atlanta and the entire western side of the state south of it.  According to The University of Maryland professor Robert Percival, who tracks environmental issues at the Supreme Court, “It seems pretty clear that this time around, Georgia’s going to win,” he said.


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