(CEO & Publisher’s note: The management of the Internet News Agency of which InsiderAdvantage Georgia is a part condemns the violence which erupted in Washington, D.C. yesterday that resulted in an attack on our nation’s Capitol building. Public policy issues should be debated, and peaceful demonstrations encouraged. But how we change those who govern us should be accomplished though legal ballots– not through bullets and violence. – Phil Kent.) 

Democrats and Republicans that compromise Georgia’s 14-member U.S. congressional delegation condemned yesterday’s chaos and violence that included an unprecedented attack by political protestors on the Capitol and on law enforcement officers protecting this seat of government. The following are statements by Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath and Republican GOP Sen. David Perdue. 

Congresswoman McBath, who represents the suburban Atlanta 6th Congressional District, said:  

What happened at the Capitol was dangerous and unacceptable. Like many of you, I am deeply angered by what amounted to an attempted coup. So let me be clear here: This was an insurrection by domestic terrorists incited by President Trump.  

While the assault has ended, this remains a fragile moment for our democracy But I want to be clear that we will certify the Electoral College vote this week and affirm Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the duly elected president and vice president. 

Senator Perdue said: 

The violence at the U.S. Capitol is disgraceful and un-AmericanWe are a nation of laws and the greatest democracy in the history of the world. No level of frustration or disappointment in our political process excuses such despicable, anarchic behavior. God bless the Capitol police and all law enforcement and first responders who are working to protect lives and prevent further destruction in our nation’s capital.” 


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