The Golden Ray, the massive Chinese container ship that capsized off the coast of St. Simons Island in September of last year, has been an eyesore and a major environmental hazard.  On Saturday a salvage crew, overseen by the U.S. Coast Guard, made the second of seven major cuts of the vessel, separating its stern section using giant anchor chains (each link weighs 80lbs) powered by a towering VB 10,000 crane vessel.  On Sunday another crew prepped the section to be loaded onto a barge, where it will be transported to a recycling facility in Louisiana.  As that was going on, dozens of boats patrolled the shoreline, picking up debris and oil globules created by the salvage job.  The eventual goal is to carve the shipwreck into eight separate pieces to be hauled off, a process that promises to stretch on through 2021 and sparks either awe or dismay in onlookers, depending on who you ask and how close to the wreck they live.

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