Currently Spaceport Camden remains under environmental review and permitting by the Federal Aviation Administration, with an estimated completion date (pushed back by COVID) of March, 2021.  As we wait for that review to wrap up, critics and supporters of the Camden County project continue to go back and forth over issues like economic impact and safety of Georgia’s first spaceport.  A Georgia Southern Center for Business Analytics and Economic Research (CBAER) study earlier this month states that a single launch could attract approximately 4,000-5,000 visitors to the area, and could increase total business sales in southeast Georgia by as much as $3.6 million per launch.  Those numbers, when tacked onto job creation both from construction and staffing paint a rosy economic picture for a part of the state looking to get back on its feet after coronavirus.  Critics, however, such as Steve Weinkle, who lives near the launch site, call the study a “horror show,” and say that even if the FAA permits a launch site license, the spaceport will never be able to receive an actual launch license because of concerns of damage to the land under the potential launch path.  Still though, with big players both at the State Capitol and in southeast Georgia lining up behind the spaceport, its odds of taking flight seem to look good. 


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