Voices from both sides of the aisle are making themselves heard when it comes to election security leading up to November 3rd.  Whether it be concerns over voter fraud, new voting machines, issues with the USPS, or absentee ballot reception, there is no shortage of valid questions around the election process.

Enter Georgia Support The Vote, a nonpartisan volunteer coalition focused on promoting safe and fair elections in Georgia, and headed up by a bipartisan team of experienced and well-respected names.

Headed up by Dentons public policy chair Eric Tanenblatt, a longtime GOP operative who once served as chief of staff for former Gov. Sonny Perdue, and Michelle Nunn, a philanthropic executive who ran unsuccessfully for Senate against David Perdue in 2014, Support the Vote looks to provide Georgia businesses with tools and resources to help all Georgians perform their most important civic duty.

Already more than 20 local businesses and organizations, including the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Georgia Chamber, and shipping giant UPS, have signed onto the initiative to help do their part to ensure a smooth and fair elections process, particularly one in such a difficult circumstances.  In addition to the pandemic and the well documented problems associated with it, Georgia is predicted to shatter its voter turnout record.

“It is projected that 5.6 million Georgians will vote in the General Election in November, which is a million more than will have ever voted in our state, and in fact, three million more than the number that voted in the June primary,” said Tanenblatt.  “We have the opportunity to engage business in new ways to make certain that Georgia meets the challenge to ensure everyone can vote effectively and with confidence. We want the headlines in November to feature the efficiency and confidence in Georgia’s election,” he added.

Support the Vote offers ideas and tools for organizations to help inform their employees, like relevant deadlines and polling locations.  It also encourages companies to offer time off to vote, and to offer rewards for those who devote their day to being poll workers.

“Georgia is facing an unprecedented challenge to provide an effective election during the ongoing pandemic and anticipated historic voter turnout in our state. We believe Georgia businesses can uniquely help to meet this challenge, which is why we created this initiative for Georgians, by Georgians,” said Michelle Nunn.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more – go to gasupportthevote.org.



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