Over the past month leading up to Labor Day, several Georgia lakes saw pro-Donald Trump boat rallies that drew hundreds of vessels and thousands of onlookers.  Augusta’s Clarks Hill Lake, Kennesaw’s Lake Allatoona, and Lake Oconee near Greensboro all have hosted boat parades featuring supporters of the president as he campaigns for re-election in November.  But the largest boat parade belongs to Lake Lanier, near Gainesville, where organizers say more than 700 boats and 4,000 onlookers were in attendance last week.  The Great American Boat Parade was also intended to show support for first responders, and the $10 entry fee went to the charity Tunnels to Towers, which helps the families of wounded or deceased first responders and military veterans.  More good news – unlike a similar event in Texas’ Lake Travis – the DNR reported no boating accidents during any of the parades.


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