H.J. Russell and Company, a family-run pillar of Atlanta real estate development and construction, has been awarded the goBeyondProfit Champion Award, which recognizes companies that consistently support local communities and businesses.

goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance launched by business leaders to spur corporate generosity and improve people’s lives.

“We selected H. J. Russell & Company for its exceptional leadership, culture and commitment to their associates and communities they serve,” said goBeyondProfit founder Rick Jackson. “We are pleased to celebrate and raise up this story of generational generosity that truly stands out as an example of the positive impact businesses can have on people and communities.”

“There has always been a bigger purpose in business than simply making money,” said Michael B. Russell, Sr., Russell’s CEO.

“When our company was founded, a commitment to community was – and remains – a key priority. From the beginning, we have focused on building communities where everyone has a place. Construction and development are in our bones and giving back to communities is in our hearts.”

Through decades of intentional investment and focus, Russell has built the skyline of Atlanta and relationships with local communities. Today, Russell CARES, the firm’s corporate social responsibility arm, collaborates with area organizations to advance dialogue, bring solutions, and partner with community members and other leaders for lasting change.

Russell CARES focuses on helping communities strengthen, from within, across the key pillars of education, youth, entrepreneurship, and affordable housing.

Long before the revitalization of Atlanta’s westside was trendy, Russell played a vital role. This commitment continues to live on through annual signature events such as Russell Rocks the Block, which celebrates the community, while also addressing workforce development, healthcare, voter registration and food insecurity. In 2019, the Russell family launched the Russell Center for Innovation Entrepreneurship (RCIE) in historic Castleberry Hill. RCIE is the largest center of its kind in the country devoted to empowering Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

To submit a nomination for future goBeyondProfit Champions, visit www.goBeyondprofit.org.

A complete profile of H.J. Russell and Company is available at www.gobeyondprofit.org/champion.



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