President Donald Trump praised InsiderAdvantage Chairman and James Magazine founder Matt Towery’s skills as a pollster on FOX News’ top host Sean Hannity’s program last evening.

Hannity hosted the president live on his Thursday evening program. In part of the interview, Trump expressed his severe disapproval of FNC network pollsters who Trump suggested were among the “worst” of pollsters both this year and in 2016.

Towery was the polling and political analyst for FOX owned and operated affiliates in 2016 (and longtime political analyst starting with WXIA, then WSB and finally with FOX5) and predicted a Trump victory on air prior to the 2016 vote. He ended nearly 20 years in TV in 2017.

On Thursday’s broadcast Hannity reminded Trump that “actually we like Matt Towery (as a pollster). Trump chimed in saying  “yes, he’s very good.”

But most insiders know that, other than his role as Hannity’s pollster for the 2020 election, Matt Towery is retired from polling and lives in Florida.

“I might return for a last minute role” Towery told IA late Thursday evening. Where and when he would not say. Stay tuned.


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