One of the byproducts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the need to make sure things stay disinfected and clean.  After all, what good is a mask if you’re tracking in germs on your hands from everything you touch, or bring items into your home that may have been touched by others?

Washing your hands, of course, is important, but one local company is offering up another solution to further help stop the spread of coronavirus.

For years hospitals and other medical research facilities have made use of ultraviolet (UV) lighting to kill off and stop the spread of potentially-dangerous bacteria such as MRSA.  Hospital-acquired infections are a huge concern in the operating room, as patients are often vulnerable to new germs that they’d otherwise not be exposed to.  UV light disinfectants work by emitting a much shorter wavelength than normal, visible light, which damages nucleic acids and prevents microorganisms, such as the ones in the coronavirus family, from infecting and reproducing.

A new Georgia-based company, 23 LED Lighting, is at the forefront of making LED sanitizing devices available for both personal and industrial use.  A distributor for parent company CPS LED Lighting, out of South Carolina, 23 LED Lighting is looking to make LED sterilization available and affordable for more than just major hospitals.

The UVC 19 Steri-Wand can be used by individuals to clean smaller items that are difficult, if not impossible to be cleaned using liquids or other supplies.  Phones, purses, glasses, they are all exposed to the outside world every time you are, so shouldn’t they be cleaned as they re-enter your home?

Meanwhile the company’s line of conveyor systems and safes are a fit for companies, schools, or hospitals looking to ensure the safety of their employees and customers alike.  And then there is the UVC 19 Steri-Lamp, similar to those used by hospitals; it can deep-clean offices or even entire office floors – flip a switch at the end of the day and you have an extra level of security.

Likewise it helps cut down on some of the need for heavy-duty cleaning supplies that have become all-too necessary.

Bianca Thrasher-Starobin, founder of 23 LED Lighting, told IAG that “the future is now” when it comes to disinfectant lighting technology.

“We don’t quite know what the long term side effects of all of these chemicals that we are using so excessively to disinfect surfaces during this time are going to have. We are inhaling them. We are putting them on our skin. We are disposing of the products we use to apply them as though they disappear into thin air never to be seen again. Well those chemicals have to go somewhere. They might even end up on your plate.”

As Georgians return to work and school, companies are obligated to look after the safety and health of their employees.  LED disinfecting lighting adds another level of security, and local businesses are taking note – one local construction company has already made some LED Steri-Lamp purchases for its offices, and more are sure to follow.

Sean Tanner, CEO of CPS LED Lighting, says that the disinfecting LED product line was already being planned for release, but saw its timeline sped up when the pandemic struck, and the demand for safe and efficient sanitation rose.  With products that fit any size and scope of needs – from personal use to an office to an entire building, LED sterilization devices are going to be a key component of safety and public health moving forward.


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