In the early 2010’s Ashley Bell was a rising star in the Republican Party.  The Gainesville attorney was a Newt Gingrich surrogate in his 2012 presidential campaign, and later the National Director of African-American Political Engagement for the Republican National Committee ahead of Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.  He was then appointed to serve as Regional Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration, where he oversees more than $5 billion in SBA-backed lending a year.

His job has unsurprisingly gotten a little more challenging with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why he sat down with our friends at Georgia CEO to talk about the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which seeks to link up small businesses with federal loans via the CARES Act.

Learn more about what the SBA has been doing in Georgia and how it will continue to help the state’s struggling small businesses below:



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