On Friday Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe assumed command of Columbus’ Ft. Benning, succeeding Lt. Gen. Gary Brito, who took a post at the Pentagon.  Donahoe, who most recently served as deputy commanding general over operations for the Eighth Army in the Republic of Korea, will head up one of the nation’s largest and most prominent Army bases, one that trains around 60,000 soldiers in basic and advanced courses, and supplies nearly a third of the branch’s overall fighting force.  As for COVID?  He’s taking it seriously – on his base, everyone takes the same precautions, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing. “Whether you believe in wearing a mask or not – not really open to debate, right?” Donahoe told reporters recently. “Do what you can to protect yourself.”  “The challenge is the disease can shut us down,” he said, and when it comes to something as vital as the U.S. military and its role in the nation in the world – that’s not an acceptable option.


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