The road to the 2020 Elections could be a little bumpy this year. The Republican Party has begun its process of electing delegates to the National Convention — which may be dramatically scaled back or essentially cancelled – by holding their County Conventions this weekend. Sort of…

At the recommendation of State GOP Chairman David Shafer, County GOPs will hold very limited conventions this weekend. In fact, Shafer sent out a notice this week encouraging delegates not to attend their county conventions and to send in applications to serve as delegates and alternates to the upcoming District and State Conventions which are currently planned for April and May, respectively.

In an email Monday, Shafer wrote, “Let me summarize the guidance below. Although we will be holding County Conventions, we would prefer that you NOT attend. If you wish to be elected as a delegate to the State or District Convention, send an email to your County Chairman.

“We have asked County Chairmen to conduct the pro forma conventions with one or two other healthy persons from their Executive Committee or officer team. They will call themselves to order, approve a delegate slate and then adjourn. No speeches. No other business.

“These pro forma conventions will preserve our ability to participate in the National Convention when the spread of coronavirus is halted.”

However, the certainty of the National Convention is still not clear. Officials are hopeful that the national convention is still far enough down the road. But as the date gets closer, organizers could find themselves being forced to change plans.

And that won’t be easy. Reports indicate that Republicans would have 2,550 delegates at their National Convention, and Democrats are slated to have 4,750 delegates present.

GOP County Chairs have been busy this week collecting applications from those to hope to be delegates in the upcoming conventions. At the same time, many have been forced to find new locations for their meetings as a result of closures.

For Republicans in Georgia, the process began last month with the Precinct Caucus Meetings. Following this weekend’s “limited” County Convention, the District Convention is slated for April 18 and the State Convention is May 29-30 in Cobb County, and the 2020 RNC National Convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from Aug. 24-27


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