(Publisher’s note: InsiderAdvantage founder/chairman Matt Towery posted on his public Facebook page on February 13th, while the stock market was at an all-time high, that he sold all of his and his family corporation’s holdings in the stock market. As the author of the book Newsvesting, he recently discussed his decision on The Sean Hannity Radio Show. The following is his assessment of where we go now.)

Here is a warning. This is a longer than usual article, but you might find it helpful.

Anyone who is not taking the world’s battle against the COVID-19 virus seriously needs to start doing so immediately. Not only avoiding crowds and not shaking hands, but also attempting to avoid unnecessary exposure in places like restaurants, stores, gyms or other places that we normally visit.

While President Trump said Monday that no “quarantine” is currently considered, NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci hinted on Sunday at a 14-day national lockdown on “Meet the Press.” It would not be surprising to see that in the near future. 

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