Your New Year’s lead article on U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Ga., forces me to make at least one point. In fact, I was already working on bumper stickers reading “Send McBath Back to Tennessee, Send Handel to Congress.”

The (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi quote (supporting McBath) you referenced is so generic that she probably wrote it for every back bencher, do-nothing new Democrat from 2018 bought by outside Georgia PAC money in an attempt to derail the presidential agenda. It’s an agenda, I would add, which has led to the lowest unemployment rate, a booming economy, energy independence and a robust, no apology foreign policy.

McBath has not spoken up at all about the anti-Semitism of within her congressional delegation or the attacks on Jews nationwide even though her district has a large Jewish constituency.   Yes, she has voted crazily with every liberal policy even if it negatively impacted the 6th Congressional District.  Of course Pelosi wants her back– since she will not question authority.

Also, McBath’s comments during the impeachment hearings were laughable.

From a district that has given rise to previous representatives Newt Gingrich, Johnny Isakson and Tom Price, by any measure McBath has fallen short.  A Happy New Year to your readers hoping they understand that the progress of Georgia and the nation is very much in their hands.

Dr. Jeffrey Kunkes is from Riverdale, Georgia


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