Plant Vogtle’s Unit 3


On Monday Georgia Power announced another major step at Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 construction, where open vessel testing has begun on unit 3.

Open vessel testing demonstrates how water, meant to cool the nuclear reactor, will flow from key safety systems into the reactor vessel to ensure the pathways are clear and in working order.  The starting of the testing process is notable because it marks a shift from construction to systems operations, a sign that the project is on track to finish on time – slated for a year from now in November 2020.

“This is a significant step on our path towards operations,” said Glen Chick, Vogtle 3 & 4 Construction Executive Vice President. “Open Vessel Testing will prepare the unit for cold hydro testing and hot functional testing next year – both critical tests required ahead of initial fuel load.”

It has been a busy year for Vogtle, which currently has more than 8,000 workers on site, making it the largest construction job in the state and among the largest in the country.


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