With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that made hemp production federally legal, many states, including Georgia, quickly moved to legalize the crop on a state level.  Earlier this year Gov. Brian Kemp signed the Georgia Hemp Farming Act, opening the door for hemp to be farmed in the state.

Many voiced concerns at the bill, confused as to the relation of hemp and marijuana, which come from the same species.  Indeed the legalization of hemp led to the proliferation of CBD oil, a hemp-derived product that is used for pain relief and to curb anxiety.  But can hemp and its extracts actually get you high?

The answer is no, says Raynor Churchwell, Agricultural Programs Specialists at the Georgia Farm Bureau.  Hemp and its products do not contain more than .3% THC, and provide no psychological effects no matter how much is used.  Strict testing of crops maintain low THC levels, keeping hemp in line with federal and state guidelines.

Learn more about Georgia’s newest cash crop, its possible uses and why it can’t be abused as Churchwell sits down with our friends at Georgia CEO below:



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