Instead of dialogue about productive measures to contend with America’s gang crisis besieging Georgia, a recent Marc Hyden Forum oped amounts to a Shakespearean thumb-bite with no actual purpose except to incite political polarization and the underreporting of gang-crime victims.

Significantly, the word “gang” never appears in Hyden’s editorials that:

  • Overlook the gang crisis in favor of large scale release of gang members in the name of criminal justice reform.
  • Bypass the gang crisis in a push for what could lead to wholesale get out of jail free cards (a/k/a cash free bail) for gang members.
  • Forsake the gang crisis when calling for approaches to end the calamities associated with the opioid epidemic.

A closer look at the stage of our discontent shows just how detached from public safety these gang-crime-enabling “reforms” truly are. 

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