(Editor’s note: This is the second edition of a series examining the ongoing case related to elections security and voting systems. The Secretary of State’s office has been asked to respond)

Over the last two years, the State of Georgia has willfully destroyed important electronic election records needed as evidence in the electronic voting lawsuit in federal court.  Allegations of destruction of evidence have been presented to the Court and are being considered by Judge Amy Totenberg.

The Coalition for Good Governance initiated litigation over electronic voting in Georgia in 2017. Within four days of the filing of the suit, government officials working for then Secretary of State Kemp’s Center for Election Services (“CES”) at KSU wiped the central election server, destroying all the data and evidence on it. That server was “ground zero” for evidence establishing hacking, unauthorized access, and potential manipulation of election results. A month later, Judge Totenberg was assigned the federal court case and within hours, the State destroyed all the data on a second election server. 

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