U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA11), who was almost killed along with several other Republican congressmen at an Alexandria, Va., baseball practice by a left-wing shooter who supported Bernie Sanders, has fired back at state Sen. Jen. Jordan (D-Smyrna) for criticizing him and other Republicans for sponsoring a “GOP marksmanship event and BBQ” in Smyrna this Friday.

Loudermilk said he’s “offended that the Democrat senator is actually politicizing these horrific events” as he recounted the 2017 baseball field shootings and the aftermath. He told a Saturday Fulton County GOP breakfast: “After that shooting on the field… if anyone who should be offended, it would be a person who has been shot at. Did I politicize that? Not at all. We never once used that in a campaign ad. In the last election cycle, we used it as a call for civility. She (Jordan) should be ashamed for what she’s doing.”

The Sandy Springs Democrat tweeted: “Marksmanship Event just two weeks after #ElPaso and #Dayton mass shootings? And GA Republicans wonder why it has lost support of so many suburban women…”

Loudermilk attacked any legislation that would lead to firearm confiscation but said that bipartisan efforts at the state level, including mental health reform while protecting an individual’s due process, could be considered. “Good intentions didn’t stop that (baseball) shooting. A couple of police officers with ARs did,” he told the Fulton County GOP. “We have to be cautious about doing something for the sake of just doing something.”

Confirmed speakers at the Friday Smyrna marksmanship and barbecue event will be a host of Georgia Republicans including Loudermilk, Attorney General Chris Carr, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Agriculture Secretary Gary Black, State GOP Chairman David Shafer and Carolyn Meadows of Marietta, president of the National Rifle Association. As this is written, Gov. Brian Kemp hadn’t confirmed attendance.


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