Georgia CORE (Center for Oncology Research and Education) is a public-private partnership that serves as a connector between the dozens of cancer care centers and organizations throughout the state.

With a focus on policy and advocacy, the group often serves as a key resource for state legislators as they push policy that seeks to promote advances in cancer care and treatment.  Georgia CORE President and CEO Nancy Paris sat down with our friends at Georgia CEO this week to discuss some of the key policy issues that her organization is working on, most notably the reports on Georgia’s Master Settlement agreement with tobacco companies.

That Master Settlement, now more than 20 years old, has provided more than $3 billion to the state since 1998, with $151 million coming in 2019.  Georgia CORE has worked to develop reports for elected officials to show how those funds have been appropriated over the years, as well as the impact of those funds on cancer care and treatment.  With that information at their disposal, legislators can better determine how to spend the Master Settlement funding.

See the full interview with Paris below:



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