Filmmaker Ed Richardson’s continuing expansion into content creation has just taken another big leap forward with the latest announcement that his development and production fund, Chastain Film Capital, has optioned screen rights to Kathrine Switzer’s best-selling book, Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports.

In 1967, Switzer became the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon.  The events of that historic day lead to the iconic image of her being attacked by one of the race’s organizers, in an effort to forcibly remove her from competition for being a woman.  Aided by fellow runners, she fought off the attack and finished the race, with the photos of the event famously being highlighted in Time-Life’s “100 Photos That Changed the World.”

Ms. Switzer has since run 42 marathons, including winning the New York City Marathon, and helped spearhead the effort to get the women’s marathon into the Olympics.  She is an Emmy Award-winning television commentator and was recently named to the USA National Women’s Hall of Fame for creating positive social change.  Marathon Woman has been described as a “female Rocky” tonally, taking the reader through her struggles and amazing success while becoming a true pioneer in women’s sports.

“This is the first time I’ve ever optioned rights for my book Marathon Woman to a film-maker, and I’m delighted to entrust these rights to Ed Richardson of Chastain Film Capital,” said Switzer.  “Right now is a very important time in history for women, and Ed and I share the belief that a film of my story will deliver a much-needed empowering message to people everywhere.”

Richardson shared his thoughts about helping bring Switzer’s story to the silver screen.  “Kathrine Switzer’s fight in the face of systematic bias began in 1967, and she is fighting for equality as we speak this morning,” he told IAG. “I’ve long been inspired by Kathrine’s infectious energy. She is a force of nature. I’m so proud to help further spread her story to a global audience. The path she has carved is quite simply a call to action to inspire positive change.”


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