As a doctor who is married to an emergency doctor, I certainly care about patients in distress. I want to correct some misinformation in Ellen Sims’ March 15 op-ed titled “Will Georgia clean up EMS system?”

House Bill 264 was assigned to my committee late on Friday, March 8. I was not familiar with the bill prior to that and had not heard from anyone about it until this week. During this week, I have been meeting with representatives for the groups with an interest in the bill and working to clarify some language in the substitute bill. I try to thoroughly understand the issues in bills that come to my committees, including this one.

The Ethics committee did not meet this week due to conflicts and I am expecting a letter from the sponsor requesting a hearing. I fully intend to hear the bill and in fact am meeting with some of the families next week.

The information that I am somehow holding up the bill is incorrect. I look forward to doing my best to get this bill across the finish line. As always, please feel free to contact me at or 404-656-3932.


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