We wish more officials would do this. Ms. Janine Eveler, Director of the Cobb County Elections and Registration, was kind enough to send this writer a response to my post on IAG earlier this week explaining that state law allows the drivers license Georgia issues to foreign nationals to be accepted as “proper identification” at the polls.

We thought it fair – and educational – to share that reply with readers.

The below is Ms. Eveler’s response:

“We have only one staff member, a deputy registrar, who clears citizenship challenges. She is aware of the fact that a Georgia driver’s license or ID card with the words LIMITED TERM is not acceptable to clear the challenge. Since your record was not notated as pending citizenship verification, there was no need for the other staff members to seek this deputy registrar’s assistance. We cannot train every worker on every possible scenario, we have escalation procedures to handle unusual situations.”

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society



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