GALEO lobbyist Maria Palasios testifying against illegal alien drivers license reform bill, March 2018 Photo: Georgia state Senate


As IAG Publisher Phil Kent recently noted here, a former illegal alien, Maria Palasios, is suing to reverse a decision from Secretary of State Brian Kemp that she is ineligible to run for a seat in the General Assembly. The story creates several important questions and probably exposes another lie from the Obama administration on the illegal executive DACA amnesty.

In their own coverage of the story, the AJC reports that Palasios “was brought by her parents to the United States from Mexico as an infant without authorization, and she became a U.S. citizen in 2017.”

Exactly how, we should ask, did an illegal alien become a U.S. citizen? Naturalization requires lawful status.

When he rolled out the DACA amnesty during the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama assured the nation: “now, let’s be clear — this is not amnesty, this is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship.”

It is likely that Palasios was given DACA status, and given the possibility she will be elected to lawmaker status, that possibility should be an integral part of the story. It is also likely that she exploited a process called “advance parole” in which an alien obtains permission to leave the U.S., then reenters with permission – that is to say lawfully. After that there can be a path to a “green card” and to citizenship.

As the Washington Post reluctantly explained in September, according to Senator Grassley and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, 59,778 DACA recipients had applied for green-card status — and 39,514 had been approved.

Of the illegal aliens who had received green cards, 1,056 had become U.S. citizens as of September, 2017.

It is also quite relevant that would-be lawmaker Palasios is employed by the corporate-funded, anti-borders GALEO Corporation to lobby against immigration enforcement under the Gold Dome. You can see her in action (here 9:07 on the counter) in an official senate Public Safety Committee video from March lobbying against state Sen. Josh McKoon’s illegal alien drivers license reform bill that would have stopped the current practice of giving some illegal aliens the exact same drivers license as legal immigrants.

Note: This is the same hearing noted by IAG last month in which Dalton state Sen. Chuck Payne, R-Dalton, asked how McKoon’s bill would be enforced “out of state” before he voted against the bill. Payne was re-elected in his primary race yesterday.

In the lawsuit Palasios – and the ACLU – claim she has been a “citizen” of Georgia since 2009, which was three years before Obama’s DACA amnesty. It looks like the “New Georgia” may be a place where illegal aliens can be considered “citizens.”

We’ll see.

D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society



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