One candidate for the Georgia School Superintendent’s job continues to gather support from some very high profile names.

Nancy Jester has already received support from radio talk show host Eric Erickson, Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon and former State Senator Eric Johnson. Today Ms. Jester received a shot in the arm from a national figure,  Americans For Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and the Cost of Government Center.

In a statement of support Norquist notes the efforts by Ms. Jester to use transparency and disclosure to the citizens of Georgia of all spending for the state on education.

“ATR and COGC  laud the efforts of Ms. Jester to improve the education system in the state of Georgia through sensible spending, increased transparency and strong accountability” said Norquist.

Ms. Jester has promised to “put the check register on-line for all to see” so that Georgians will know where their tax-dollars are being spent. In a field with fifteen qualified candidates Jester seems to be gathering some momentum as the May 20th election date approaches. Education in Georgia continues to be a key component in attracting business to Georgia.

More to come…



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