AG Carr speaks in favor of ruling against ACA

A ruling by a Texas judge on Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional is bringing mixed opinions among state and federal lawmakers. In his ruling, which came on the eve of the deadline for tens of millions of Americans to sign up for health care coverage in 2019, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor said that the health-care law’s individual mandate is unconstitutional.

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C-SPAN to Visit Georgia Schools

C-SPAN, the nation’s public affairs television station, is taking its show on the road this month as it tours Georgia schools in its 45-foot customized bus during its annual ‘Top Teachers Tour.’

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Watch The Georgia Gang on YouTube!

Dick Williams is back as moderator and the Dec. 16th show opens with analysis of Gov.-elect Brian Kemp’s latest message on conciliation and legislative focus on rural development, healthcare, etc.

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A Preview of the General Election Runoffs

Georgia is unique in requiring majorities in both primaries and general elections.  Since two statewide contests saw no majority winner, the last round of the 2018 election cycle will play out on December 4.  The December vote will select the secretary of state and a member of the Public Service Commission.  In November Brad Raffensperger (R) led John Barrow (D) by 16,278 votes in the SOS contest.  PSC member Chuck Eaton (R) ran 79,636 votes ahead of Lindy Miller (D).

Taking a Chainsaw to Health Care Regulations

As the misery of another election cycle slowly subsides, a couple of memorable moments linger: Democrats repeatedly criticizing Governor-elect Brian Kemp for allegedly not having a health care plan, and Kemp bragging that his chain saw is “ready to rip up some regulation” (most of us hope he was being metaphorical).

The Tectonic Plates Continue to Shift

A cursory glance at the results of the November election would indicate that nothing has changed.  Republicans won all of the statewide contests decided thus far and lead in two other races scheduled for a December runoff.  But a closer look reveals that the trend toward a more competitive state accelerated.  The evidence is available on multiple fronts.

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Uber to fight crime

They don’t wear masks or capes, (well hopefully not) but in 2019 Uber drivers will be helping to keep Atlanta’s streets safe.  A new partnership between the ride sharing service and Crime Stoppers International aims to give drivers access to an online portal where they can anonymously report crimes while cruising the city’s streets, (while parked, obviously).  Uber has made teaming up with law enforcement a priority as of late, and this new resource that helps link the authorities with some of the people who see more of the city than anyone has all parties involved RISING…

The Georgia Gang - December 16, 2018

The Georgia Gang - December 9, 2018

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