GA reps respond to GOP tax bill

On an almost strict party line vote, with only 13 Republicans crossing the line and voting no and not a single Democrat voting yes, House Republicans passed their tax reform bill on Thursday. There are a number of cuts across the board contained in the bill – notably slashing the corporate tax rate to 20%, down from 35%, ending the medical expenses deduction and student loan deductions.

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Ex-mayoral candidates choosing sides for runoff

In the aftermath of the 11-candidate Atlanta mayoral battle royale that saw Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood advance to a December 5th runoff, the 9 losing candidates have begun to pick up the pieces and take sides in what figures to be a hotly contested final stretch.

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Fulton Co. election officials pledge reform (again)

The Fulton County Board of Elections as well as elections director Richard Barron remain under intense criticism due to the Nov. 7th final county election results being posted at 1:41 am the next day. For perspective, entire states counting election returns posted results between 10 and 11 pm. In any event, the board and Barron are (again) promising reforms.

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Why a Corporate City is a Logical Next Step for Amazon

Jeff Bezos is known as a creative genius, taking a cardboard box and disrupting the world’s entire retail industry, making Amazon worth more than twice what the state of California spends in a year.  But channeling Bezos’ plans for Amazon for the next 10 to 20 years takes bold vision. And Bezos is a very big thinker – now exploring everything from getting into pharmaceutical sales to allowing a deliveryman access to your home.

A Dentons’ Analysis of the Atlanta Mayoral Race

It’s been half a century since Atlanta, the birthplace of the American civil rights movement, last elected a white mayor. But the trend, threatened by a dramatic reshuffling of local demographics amid a surge of younger, white voters to the capital city’s urban center, is poised to boomerang.

The Rannazzisi File: Congress Fuels Opioid Crisis

In the childhood fairy tale Snow White, the magic mirror from which the evil queen seeks reassurance of her beauty never lies, much to her ultimate fury. In a contemporary story – definitely not a fairy tale – an expert on opioid abuse is forcing the Congress to look into the mirror, and realize that it is to blame, at least in part, for the tragedy of opioid abuse that is ravaging our nation.

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Georgia Democratic Party targets Norwood

In a move that has been criticized by many onlookers, the Georgia Democratic Party has made a major ad buy targeting Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood by linking her to President Donald Trump and calling her a Republican.  Norwood is a self proclaimed Independent candidate who has voted in nearly every recent Democratic primary as well as scoring more liberal than Keisha Lance Bottoms, her runoff foe, in terms of her voter scorecard on the city council.  For state Dems to take such a strong stance in a race where neither candidate is a Republican seems odd, and judging by how many voters have been turned off by the move their ship is DRIFTING… 

The Georgia Gang - November 19, 2017

The Georgia Gang - November 12, 2017

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