March Madness on Campus and in the Courts; Remembering When We Defeated Georgia Tech

  College basketball’s March Madness officially started Thursday, but this month’s stories of campus controversies have already been lighting up the scoreboard. A renowned conservative scholar and liberal professor are shouted down and physically abused by a mob. Students are caught on camera openly admitting to double standards when it comes to religious freedom. And, a university employee is caught washing away pro-life chalkings. Sadly, this is not a string of isolated incidents but rather reflective of troubling trends in academia. And while these stories may be shocking to many, they sound all too familiar to us. As college students at Georgia Tech in the early 2000s, we endured literally years of censorship and condemnation whenever our views were not in line with the faculty and administration’s extreme Leftist political agenda. In the name of “tolerance” and “diversity,” Georgia Tech officials forced us to take down a display confronting radical feminism, pressured us to participate in “Coming Out Week,” and prevented our organizations from accessing school resources – just a few examples from our litany of run-ins with the campus tolerance tyrants. Professors, academic deans, and eventually the president of Georgia Tech told us we were “not a good fit” for the school because of our deeply held beliefs; that it was “people like you” who were responsible for the lack of civility on campus; and that we needed to “go through mediation” to change our views on matters of morality and public policy. When confronted about the administration’s hypocrisy and indoctrination, one dean brazenly admitted, “Students have been indoctrinated for the first 18 years of their lives by...


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