A Georgian Reflects on Millennials

  Millennials, at least the ones I know, are a complex and evolving generation. They have grown up in a diverse and global environment. They don’t watch TV as much as previous generations, and most have never owned a vinyl record or a CD. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump are the presidents they know. Gay activism is their civil rights experience. Racial equality is more of a given; they focus less on skin surface, and are less concerned with defining identity with labels and norms. They use words like gender-fluid and love urban catch phrases. Coming of age in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, they are the first generation in awhile to have more tools but less money. Millennials don’t tend to look back. They know nothing of post World War II America or its Silent Generation. JFK and MLK are their Washington and Lincoln. Millennials innovate in an age where they stay tethered together for life through the internet and social media. They have developed mechanisms for building emotional relationships with people they have never met face to face. Hand shakes and all that they signify are so 20th century to them. Non-Millennials can no more understand Millennials than they can put the Star Wars franchise into the correct movie order. Spoiler alert: Luke Skywalker meeting Obi-Wan Kanobi is chapter four not one. If you do not know this, you are so 2000 and late. Nobody told them that a college education might lead to flipping burgers or making coffee. It upsets them that life isn’t fair. Millennials get a bad rap but most of...


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