Ehrhart bill restores due process to college rape cases

  There is finally some good news in the fight to return rape investigations and prosecutions to the only place they belong: the real justice system. Georgia House Bill 51 sponsored by Rep. Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs, passed out of the House and now moves to the Georgia Senate. “House Bill 51 is about due process, safety on our campuses … and rights of the accused,” Ehrhart said. HB 51 (bill tracking here) requires colleges and universities to report all allegations of sexual assault to real law enforcement instead of doing what they do now, which is subject students accused of sexual assault to extralegal kangaroo “courts” run by the schools. These Kafkaesque tribunals shun the usual standard of proof in criminal proceedings – beyond a reasonable doubt – in favor of the significantly weaker balance of probabilities standards used in civil law. (Editor’s note: Dr. Trent wrote about the sex-crimes star chamber at Amherst College on Feb. 2. Read that post here.) Of course, the Obama administration sided with the radical feminist lynch mob on this issue. As Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson wrote in late 2015: For more than four years, the White House and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have used an implausible reinterpretation of a 1972 civil-rights law to impose mandates unimagined by the law’s sponsors. It has forced almost all of the nation’s universities and colleges to disregard due process in disciplinary proceedings when they involve allegations of sexual assault. Enforced by officials far outside the mainstream, these mandates are having a devastating impact on the nation’s universities and on...


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