Larry Hanson, the executive director of the Georgia Municipal Association, sat down Tuesday with our friends at Metro Atlanta CEO to discuss the importance of Georgia cities both big and small on the state’s economy.

Many people know that Georgia has 159 counties, but fewer are aware that the Peach State is home to 538 individual cities.  Those cities comprise just 9% of the state’s land mass, but hold 50% of its population and a full 70% of jobs.  Agriculture may be the single largest part of Georgia’s economy, but the economic engine that turns the wheels is located in the city.

The GMA advocates for Georgia’s 538 municipal governments under the Gold Dome, and offers educational, employee benefit, and technical consulting services to its members.  Hanson, the former city manager of Valdosta, discusses why local government is important to communities and how his organization helps Georgia’s cities, from Atlanta to Zebulon.

See the full video HERE



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