Mark Teixeira is surely best known for his 14 year career in Major League Baseball, including a high-profile two year stint on the Atlanta Braves.  But the Georgia Tech product, retired from the game since 2016, now wants to be known as something else – a socially conscious investor.

Now back in Atlanta, Teixeira has founded a real-estate development company called Urban Creek Partners that is focused on investing in revitalizing some of the more worn down parts of the city, in this case the Westside of town.  Redevelopment and gentrification can be tricky topics in the city, but Urban Creek Partners is focused on making sure that their investments help lift up the surrounding community by working with public partners such as the Atlanta BeltLine, Trees Atlanta, and MARTA.

Their first project, Quarry Yards, is among the first major investments on the Westside in years.  The 70 acre mixed-use development sits alongside the new the new Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry and the Bankhead MARTA station, and hopes to help anchor the new stretch of the BeltLine that Teixeira and co. hope one day will rival the Eastside’s impressive trail.

See Teixeira talk about his project and how he hopes it will help lift up the community alongside it as he talks with our friends at Metro Atlanta CEO HERE  



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