Today marks 15 days since the fraught midterm elections of 2018. Though the race was not decided that night, on November 16th Stacey Abrams officially ended her run for governor against Brian Kemp, who will serve as the 83rd Governor of Georgia beginning on January 14th.

However, even though the Abrams campaign did not achieve total victory in this election cycle, her accomplishments this year are beyond question. She came out of Election Day just 1.4% behind Kemp. For reference, Jason Carter lost to Governor Nathan Deal in 2014 by 8% and Roy Barnes lost to Deal in 2010 by 10%. Abrams also received approximately 1,923,000 votes, which is over 550,000 more votes than Deal received in either of his elections and over 40,000 more than even Hillary Clinton received in 2016. Abrams can and should take a great deal of pride in mobilizing Democrats in a way this state has never seen in its long history. 

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