The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal that raged across much of the past decade has done immense damage to the school system and the public’s faith in it.  Even now, with 11 teachers put behind bars on racketeering charges, the fallout remains.

Dr. Meria Carstarphen was hired by the Atlanta Board of Education in April of 2014, and a large part of her mission was to help the school system recover from the scandal.  Already she has raised graduation rates to an all-time high of 84% and reduced the dropout rate by 25%.

In a video with Metro Atlanta CEO Carstarphen talks about the recovery process from the cheating scandal, and how she and her team have made “turnaround and transformation” a cornerstone of their strategic plan, focusing on the most disadvantaged schools in order to right some of the wrongs left behind.

See the full video HERE


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